Turkish Drama 'Ramo' Episode 35: Trailer And Summary

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The new 35th episode trailer of Ramo has been released! In the last episode; Ramo Gets What He Loves! What happen in the episode on March 5th?

Ramo new 35th episode trailer released. In the new 35th trailer; As long as his enemies are in charge, Ramo realizes that no one can be at peace and comfort. Ramo, meanwhile, has already solved the problem. While Sharif's "Big boss Ramo is back" phrases echo everywhere, everyone is touched by the reunion of Ramo and Sibel. Here's Ramo episode 35 trailer...

Ramo has a big plan; To be the boss of Istanbul instead of Mazhar. Bosses have one goal: Bringing Ramo to his knees. New to the game, the Sheriff's every move should make Ramo a little more difficult. What prevents Ramo from taking action is that Sibel is being held hostage.

Ramo will come up with a plan to convince Yildirim to find out where Sibel is being held, and on the other hand, to replace Mazhar. He has to pay attention to every step he takes, as the smallest mistake he will make will cause his family to disappear. Here is 35th episode trailer and episode summary of Ramo

ramo episode 35
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What happen in the last episode?

Ramo and Sibel are reunited and married with a big celebration in their new home. Ramo won't allow anything to overshadow his happy moments. On the other hand, Korkut, who cannot digest Ramo's ion to run to Istanbul with Mazhar, gets Ramo into a lot of trouble by making a plan. 

Ramo must have screwed up a shipment that was his responsibility. Ramo, who estimates that Korkut is underneath this, will get much bigger surprises as he solves the case.

Ramo episode 35 Trailer 

In the introduction, where tensions are rising between Ramo and Mazhar, it is a matter of great curiosity how the balance at the table will change. 

Ramo episode 35 Summary

Ramo is angry with Mazhar for collaborating with Korkut. When he learns that Mazhar wants to replace Yildirim, one of the dead bosses, he considers telling the boss he's just met. When he sees Yildirim, who he killed in front of him, he gets the shock of his life. The sheriff, on the other hand, has some plans for Ramo.

Will Ramo continue his feud with Mazhar? Or will he be able to see the faces of other bosses and achieve his ultimate goal? There's only one way to find out; get involved in the game, Without thinking about the end.

While Ramo's fighting all this, Sibel is messing with the family. Hasan can't forget that Cicek called himself a father. As she contemplates how to explain her experiences to Afet, Sibel gets involved and tells hasan that she needs to face the truth.

Ramo is on Show TV friday night, March 5th at 08 P.M. with a new 35th episode!. Read Also All Episode of Turkish Drama 'Ramo'

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