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Şeref Sözü (Promise of Honor) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

The cast of Şeref Sözü (Promise of Honor) has been announced! What about the story? What Channel? And When the series will be Aired?

Show TV's new series Şeref Sözü (Promise of Honor) is preparing to be in front of the audience. Produced by Timur Savci and Burak Sağyasar, directed by Cevdet Mercan and written by Eda Tezcan, the series cast was also revealed. 

The male lead actor in the series Şeref Sözü (Promise of Honor) was Tolgahan Sayışman, who last appeared in Sampiyon (The Champion) series, while the female lead actor was Sude Zulal Güler, who appeared in the tv series Muhtesem Yuzyil Kösem. Filming of the series began on Thursday (August 20th).

Sude Zulal Güler, the female lead actress in Show TV's highest-budget series in the new season, Şeref Sözü (Promise of Honor), is a name that has never had a leading experience before.

Synopsis of Şeref Sözü

The story of a heroic man, a childhood dream that has moved from the past to the past, difficult geographies, difficult lives, roots, those who burn themselves and their surroundings, love of children, impossible loves, those who have survived the brink of death, an "Island Tale" and an honorable one...   


seref sozu synopsis cast
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Adabeyli Family lives on the island they have within the framework of their own rules. Cihan Adabeyli; The sole owner of a great fortune and land is representative of an ances ancestor order. Suddenly, a phone call comes to Adabeyli Island and cihan Adabeyli's whole life changes with the time to keep his promise of honor to a man who saved his life in the past. It's Isra. Isra has only one hope: Cihan Adabeyli! With the arrival of Isra as Cihan's wife in Adabeyli Manor, the whole order will be turned upside down.

The arrival of Isra on Adabeyli Island and the secrets of the past will be revealed and a large fire for the future will be fired.

Şeref Sözü (Promise of Honor) will cause the destruction of everything left behind and the birth of an epic love that will be tested with great pain!

All Episode of Şeref Sözü 

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Cast of Şeref Sözü (Promise of Honor)

Tolgahan Sayışman as Cihan Adabeyli

Tolgahan Sayışman was born on December 17, 1981 in Istanbul and is 39 years old.  Tolgahan Sayışman, who studied business administration at Doğuş University, completed her career by participating in the Top Model competition and managed to attract the attention of the producers by choosing the best model in Turkey. In 2006, he made his first screen debut with Esir Kalper (The Captive Hearts) series. Tolgahan Sayışman, who had a big rise especially with Lale Devri (Tulip Age) series, saw the end of the season by getting the lowest ratings in history with the support of Trt 1 in The Champion series, even though he failed in the series Bir Umut Yeter and iyah Inci. He  is 187 cm tall and weighs 80 kilos, and he is married Almada Abazi.

Sude Zulal Guler as İsra

Sude Zulal Güler, a 19-year-old beautiful actress, will partner with 39-year-old Tolgahan Sayışman in this series. The producer, Tims & B Yapım Sude Zulal Güler, who has not been named and is looking for a remarkable female lead actress, has reached an agreement. Sude Zulal Güler, who was born in Skopje on August 25, 2001, is a name that the audience can remember with her character Ayşe Sultan, who gave life in the series Muhtesem Yuzyil Kösem. Sude Zulal Güler, who has never starred in a series before, has appeared in many commercials. 

Hülya Şen

Hülya Şen was born on February 29, 1968 in Balıkesir and is a 52-year-old experienced actress who graduated from Dokuz Eylet University Theatre Department and was well-liked as Najiye of Avlu (The Courtyard) series in 2018. 

Hülya Darcan as Emsal Adabeyli

Hülya Darcan, mother of beautiful actress Bergüzar Korel, will be on screens as the mother of Tolgahan Sayışman. Born on April 27, 1951 in Izmir, she is 69 years old. Actress Tanju Korel and her two children, Zeynep and Bergüzar, had two children, Hulya Darcan Korel, who gave life to the character of Ertugrul Gazi's mother Hayme Hatun and taught the world her name. Hulya Darcan Korel, who is 1.67 meters tall and weighs 74 kilos, left The Resurrection Ertugrul last season. He split with Tanju Korel after 35 years.

Öykü Çelik as Yasemin

Finally, Oyku Celik, which takes place as Bilge Hatun and fills the eye with her acting. She continued her acting adventure with the series Yeşil Deniz Hayat Sevince Güzel and Poyraz Karayel. The story is that he had a marriage to Ahmet Murat Çakan, but is currently with Burak Celik. He's 5'10", and she weighs 60 kilos.

Meltem Gülenç as Mahbule

Lastly, Meltem Gülenç, who appeared in the tv series Azize, has previously appeared in Gunesin Kizlari (The Daughters of the Sun). Meltem Gülenç, originally from Ankara, graduated from Ankara University with a degree in theatre. Meltem Gülenç is an actress at the Antalya State Theatre.

Toprak Saplam

Toprak Saplam, who caught a big break with her character Emel, will now be in the series Seref Soju. Born october 9, 1985 in Istanbul, Toprak Sağlam is 35 years of age. Müjdat Gezen Art Center completed acting trainings with the film Toprak Sağlam Delibal drew attention. 

Umut kurt 

Born april 17, 1981 in Erzincan, Umut Kurt is 39 years of age. Müjdat Gezen Art Center completed the training of the player Umut Kurt Besiktas Cultural Center while he was in the forefront with his voice was also known. 

Aras Aydin

Aras Aydın was born on July 2, 1989 in Eskişehir and is 31 years old. Aras Aydın, who studied acting at Istanbul University State Conservatory, was also very much loved for his recent singles. Aras Aydın, who started to be recognized once with the series Compassion Tepe, experienced his real debut with Kiraz Mevsimi (Cherry Season) and Inadina Ask. Aras Aydin is in love with Melis Birkan.

Bulent Düzgünoglu

Bulent Düzgünoğlu was born in Ankara on March 27, 1973 and is over 47 years of age. Bülent Düzgünoğlu, who studied theatre at Bilkent University, previously starred in the tv series Legend Cherry Season, The Day My Destiny Was Written and Paramparça. Bulent Düzgünoğlu is 95 kg tall and 1.80 cm tall.

Mert Yavuzcan

Mert Yavuzcan was born in Germany on April 4, 1979. Mert Yavuzcan is 41 years old.  Mert Yavuzcan previously appeared as Demir in the full month series. Mert Yavuzcan is 68 kg and 1.79 meters.

Nazli Cetin

Nazlı Çetin Miss Turkey is one of the finalists of 2019. Nazlı Çetin is a student of Teaching English at Bahçeşehir University and is 1.79 cm tall.

Sıla Korkmaz

Sıla Korkmaz was born in Istanbul on October 19, 1995 and is under the age of 25. Sıla Korkmaz müjdat has taken acting classes at Müjdat Gezen Art Center. He is a psychology student at Istanbul Bilgi University.

Begum Alınca

Begum Alınca is a 30-year-old beautiful actress who was born in Bursa in 1990. Begum Alınca, who continues her theatrical studies at Bursa State Theatre, has completed her theatre education at Anadolu University.

Sahra Gümüş

Sahra Gümüş was born on January 30, 1993 in Gaziantep and is 27 years old. In 2020, she was included in the cast of The Promise of Honor after sahara silver non-holding series. Sahra Gümüş, who took theatre lessons from outside, is originally a graduate of public administration.

Görkem Turkes

Görkem Türkeş was born in Ankara on April 7, 1983 and is 37 years old. Görkem Türkeş last appeared in the tv series O Hayat Benim (Her Life Is mine) and Isimsiz (The Untitled).

Öykü Karayel

Oyku Karayel is known as Eyül of Kalp Atisi (Heartbeat) series and lastly appeared in Muhtesem Ikili series, but did not succeed. Born on August 20, 1990, Story Karayel was also a guest on the popular comedy series and managed to increase the show's audience. 

Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu

Born october 29, 1989 in Germany, expatriate actress Miss Turkey 2008 winner. Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu, who first entered her career as a model, is studying German language at Istanbul University. She married beautiful actress Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu Ceyhun Ergin, 31, in 2018. The beautiful actress, who is much loved for her portrayy of irem in the tv series Es-Es, was discovered by the audience with her character Iz in the tv series Kiralik Ask (Love for Rent). In 2016, she gave life to the character of Pelin in Tatli Intikam (Sweet Revenge). 

Ulaş Tuna Astepe

Born on May 5, 1988 in Izmir, handsome actress Ulaş Tuna Astepe is 32 years old. Ulaş Tuna Astepe, a graduate of Mimar Sinan University theatre department, first worked as a costume assistant in the series. Ulaş Tuna Astepe, who later made a theatre, had his first acting experience with karadayı series. Ulaş Tuna AStepe is 1.89 in length and is one of the tallest players; The handsome player with a fit body weighs 80 kg.

Synopsis of Seref Sozu

The plot story will be added if the trailer promotion has released!

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  1. When will the next episode coming?

    1. Şeref Sözü has make a final episode. There is no explanation when it will restart for the new season.

  2. The fact that this series was left incomplete at 4 episodes is ludicrous! The fact that production has ceased prematurely is absolutely ridiculous without the audience knowing what happens to Cihan and Isra? People we are at a deadlock and clearly need a proper conclusion to this saga. My daughters were intrigued by the story and was left debating which abuse and torment was better endured, a rapist or someone entrusted to protect you, yet hangs you out to emotional and mental abuse; this empowering story needs to be told for the sake of our women folk...come on people make this happen!