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Final 4th Episode of Şeref Sözü (The Promise of Honor)

Is Şeref Sözü (The Promise of Honor) making a final? What happen in the final episode? How will Jasmine's revenge plan end? Will Cihan find Isra? 

Şeref Sözü (The Promise of Honor) appeared in front of an audience at the Show with the 4th episode. Tolgahan Sayışman and Sude Güder shared the lead roles of the series.  The highly acclaimed series was also the subject of curiosity with its cast. So, what happened in the final episode? Watch the final episode trailer ...

The last episode of Şeref Sözü (The Promise of Honor) was recently screened. After the last episode, the audience are looking into the episode trailer. Exciting topic and actors and wednesday evenings presented to the audience's appreciation of the new episode trailer and more in our news. So, is the series make the finale? 

Show TV's ambitious series, Şeref Sözü (The Promise of Honor) had come to the screen with the 4th episode. When the production team did not get close to the expected success in the ratings, they decided to make the finale of episode 4 of the series. The series, which will be followed by the final episode, will be broadcast for the last time on The Show on Wednesday, November 4th at 20.00.

seref sozu episode 4 final
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Cihan is determined to take everyone in front of him in order to find the lost of Isra! Cihan Adabeyli, who did not think that Isra had left the island voluntarily, said that in order to find out who dared to confiscate his wife and child, he's bringing it on. While all Cihan mobilized and searched for Isra; Isra is fighting a war between life and death. Doing his best not to let Cihan know the truth, Emsal implements his plan to remove Isra from their lives alms. Will Cihan find Isra? Will Cavidan stand for his remorse and confess everything? What kind of way will Farouk try to find Israel? 

What happen in the final episode?

Jasmine, along with little Omar, set fire to the harbour building. Finally, returning home and not warmly ed, Isra's only sweat is to safely hold her son. While Cihan Adabeyli mobilizes all means to find his son, Isra, in the grip of great uncertainty, desperately waits for Omar to be found. Under Precedent's instruction, the household also sets out to search for the baby in every corner of the island. Jasmine blacked out; She's willing to do anything to get back home, to be with Cihan again. This time, Metin could not stop Jasmine, along with little Omar set fire to the port building. Will Omar survive? How will Jasmine's revenge plan work? After everything that's happened, will Israel be able to stay on the island? Read Also All Episode of Şeref Sözü (The Promise of Honor)

Şeref Sözü Episode 4 Trailer [Final]

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  1. Hello, that is terible ending to this show. We realy love it. It looks like you guys left us in the midle of the road.....

  2. Hope the series will continue it/ is an awsome show

  3. Great series. Please continue it!!!!

  4. The story was cut.
    There is no finale

  5. Worse ending, clueless writer, that's why prefer kdrama better

  6. I loved the series, please continue i"m waiting

  7. What’s that. You leave us hanging. Not good ending.