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What is the synopsis of new Turkish series Çocukluk (Childhood)? Who are the actor-actresses? When Will the series start? Which Channel?

The plot story of the childhood series and the cast continue to be the subject of research by citizens. Erdal Beşikçioğlu, Beren Gökyıldız and other master names are included in the cast of The Childhood series, which is screened with the 1st episode tonight. Here is the subject of the series Childhood and the cast...

Çocukluk (Childhood) saying hello to a whole new set of screens tonight. The series childhood stars Erdal Beşikçioğlu, successful child actors Beren Gökyıldız and Burcu Özberk. Here is detailed information about the series...

Synopsis of Çocukluk (Childhood)

In the tv series "Childhood"; Mahir Boztepe (Erdal Beşikçioğlu), who left his whole life behind and opened the Ali Kaan Children's Home, has helped every single child who has come to his house since the first day to find the right family. The suffering, longings and frustrations of their own families on the way to finding the families of Mavi (Beren Gökyıldız), Mozi (Kubra Süzgün), Bambi (Nilay Yeral) and Zeynep (Derinsu Akkuş), who share the same room in this nest, make them inseparable sisters. When the girls are helpless, there are their officers Ayşegül (Burcu Özberk) who are ready to come to their help...

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Çocukluk (Childhood) series will tell the story of girls who grew up in orphanages. The actor's work continues on The Undies, which is thought to be a children's version of The Broken Flowers. Only beren gökyıldız was understood as the lead actor. The information of the other players is not yet known. What channel will the childhood series be broadcast on? Fox Tv will also begin its Childhood series on Friday, October 9. The trailer for the series of the nods has been released

Çocukluk (Childhood) Platform

The series and the details of their characters in our site, which will start on Fox TV in the 2020-2021 season. Çocukluk (Childhood) series starring actors such as Beren Gökyıldız, Burcu Özberk and Erdal Beşikçioğlu. 

The cast of the orphans series previously announced that the series, which was called Orphanage, will be prepared by Medyapım. In a recent change, medyapım changed the name of the series. However, as a result of the intense pressures, the name change was made for the last time and the name of the series was Çocukluk (Childhood). Starring Beren Gökyıldız, Kubra Süzgün Burcu Özberk and Erdal Beşikçioğlu, the series will be screened very soon, which will tell the drama of children living in foster home.

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Cast of Çocukluk (Childhood)

Burcu Özberk as Aysegul

Burcu Özberk will star in this series and portray Aysegul. Burcu Özberk Çağlar, who last appeared in the tv series Afili Ask, was a good duo with Ertugrul and was well liked. Burcu Özberk, who has been known for many tv shows in recent months, was a female lead actress in the this series.

Erdal Besiktas as Mahir Boztepe

Erdal Beşikçioğlu, best known for his series Behzat Ç., was the lead actor in Medyapım's new series. she will be the name that will be broadcast in the new season of 2020-2021. Born in Ankara on September 29, 2009, Beren Gökyıldız is still in primary education. Due to the school holidays due to coronaryavirus and the series sets stopped, the childhood series starring Beren Gökyıldız was postponed. Beren Gökyıldız first starred in my husband's family when he was 4 years old. Beren Gökyıldız, who later appeared on Show TV's Güldüy Güldüy Show, has shown a significant success in the tv series Anne. 

Kübra Süzgün as Mozi

Kubra Süzgün will be starring in the tv series Childhood. The successful actress Kubra Süzgün, who plays the character of April in the women's series, will play the lead role in the childhood series with Beren Gökyıldız and Erdal Beşikçioğlu. Kubra Süzgün drew attention both with his role ability and with his compatibility. 

Damla Cercisoğlu as Betül Teacher

Born in Istanbul in 1981, actress Damla Cercisoğlu has appeared in many films so far, but we have not seen her on screens since 2012. She will play betül teacher in her new series Will Not Be Your Mother Tomorrow. 

Deep Water Akkuş as Zeynep

Deep Water Akkuş will step into actress for the first time with the series Childhood. Child actor Berkay Şentürk works as a manager. Derin Su Akkuş was born in 2013 and has just started primary education. deep water akkus in the series of the unemployed

Nilay Yeral as Bambi

Nilay Yeral was born in 2013. The child actress, who had just started her primary school life, was born in Istanbul. He's been in a commercial before. We will share with you information about his role in the series The Free. 

Batuhan Gelener

Batuhan Gelener, who is still in his early 20s, is studying theatre at Istanbul University State Conservatory. Batuhan Gelener, who has been doing more theatrical performance, has appeared in the tv series You Are My Homeland. Batuhan Gelener has also become popular with songs and videos on Youtube. 

Ali Kayra Kul

Ali Kayra Kul is only 4 years old. Ali Kayra Kul, who conquered hearts from the first second with his sweetness, will star in The Childhood series. She will experience her first acting experience with this series. 

İsa as Musa Kadan

The child actors, who will be starring in the tv series Childhood for the first time, are the twin brothers of Isa. The two brothers, who are only 6 years old, will be able to act in place of each other in childhood. 

Nihan Aypolat

Nihan Aypolat was born in Istanbul in 1987. In 2006, she took up a place in children's theatres. She trained in acting at the Performing Arts Center. She entered the istanbul drama troupe, the first theatre group. Since 2010, she has acted in many theatre ensembles. 

Selen Ozturk

Selen Öztürk was born in İzmir in 1980. She graduated from Hacettepe University State Conservatory. After graduating, she moved to Istanbul. Selen Öztürk worked in theatres such as Theatre Cat, Theatre Playhouse, Play Workshop. Apart from his theatrical work, Selen Öztürk has been in films and tv shows and has made voiceovers. She has starred in Sparrow Palace, Payitaht Abdülhamid, Remember Gonul, Azize and Atiye.

Yigit Aras Aksoy

Yigit Aras Aksoy will star in the tv series Childhood for the first time. Yigit Aras Aksoy is registered with Mavrik Agency. 

Eren Recep Bilen

Sevinc Meltem is registered with the agency. She previously starred in the tv series Hekimoğlu. Eren Recep Bilen has been in commercials. 

Elifnaz Sabuncu

Elifnaz Sabuncu is registered with Layla Şirin Agency at the age of 17. Elifnaz Sabuncu, who previously appeared in commercials, has also appeared in the tv series Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple).

Cansu Ipek Albayrak

Young actress Cansu Ipek Albayrak, who is 14 years old, previously starred in the tv series Zengin Ve Yoksul (Rich and Poor). Layla Şirin is registered with the agency in Cansu Ipek Albayrak. He has previously starred in commercials.

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