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Episode 2 Çocukluk (Childhood): Trailer And Summary

Çocukluk (Childhood) appeared on FOX with the 1st episode of the childhood series. The series also attracts attention with his critically acclaimed the cast. So, what happened in the last episode? Here are the details...

The new episode of Çocukluk (Childhood) recently came to the screen. After the first episode aired, the audience explores the childhood 2nd episode trailer. With its exciting subject matter and actors, the new 2nd episode trailer and more are available to the audience on Friday evenings.

Medyapim and MF Yapım signed the first episode of the series Çocukluk (Childhood) appeared in front of the audience. The 1st trailer from the 2nd episode, which will be screened on Friday, October 16, has also been released. The series stars Erdal Beşikçioğlu, successful child actors Beren Gökyıldız and Burcu Özberk, while Gökyıldız is accompanied by Kubra Süzgün, Nilay Yeral and Derinsu Akkuş.

Cocukluk episode 2
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What happen in the last episode?

Zeynep, an eight-year-old minor who is a victim of domestic violence, is taken to Ali Kaan Umut Evi, where Mahir Boztepe is the director. The little girl, who broke up with her mother for the first time, has been dreaming innocently that her mother will come and pick her up in a few days, yet she is not aware that the truth is painful enough to shatter her tiny heart.

He didn't like the director of The House of Hope, and from the very first moment he hated his roommate, Mavi. Little Zeynep must face the cruelty of the real world to understand that the House of Hope she is trying to get rid of is her only protector of her life, and Mavi, with which she fights constantly, is more fateful than brother.

Çocukluk (Childhood) Episode 2 Trailer

Çocukluk (Childhood) Episode 2 Summary

It's not as easy for little Zeynep to forget her mother as it is to leave. As she strives to get her scent, her dream, out of her heart as promised to Mavi, a letter comes to her rescue that she accidentally reads. Ayşegül's letter to the future girls of a family applying for adoption among the documents she left in the kitchen touches little Zeynep's heart. Time will tell if the change that began with a letter in Zeynep's life will be enough to forget her mother. And just as it's all worked out, the ghosts of the past come out this time to ruin the lives of our most unlikely children.

The last chapter summary is in our news! Çocukluk (Childhood) series prepared for Fox TV by MedYapım & MF Yapım on Friday, October 16th Read Also All Episode of Çocukluk (Childhood)

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