Kefaret (Redemption) Episode 1: Trailer And Summary

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The new 1st episode trailer of Kefaret (Redemption) has released! Are the series starring Guven Kirac, Ipek Tuzcuoğlu and Erkan Can, be published this week?

The series "Kefaret (Redemption)", produced by 25 films, directed by Mesude Erarslan and written by Mahinur Ergun and Melih Çam, is set to meet with the audience with its first episode on Sunday, November 22nd on 20.00 on FOX TV!


Starring Nurgül Yesilçay, Mert Fırat and Yurdaer Okur, the series also stars Özge Özacar, Ege Origin, Mine Kilic, Ayşegül Cengiz Akman, Efe Seism, Lavinya Celebrities, Göktan Oktay Goztepe, Ayberk Aladağ, Enis Yildiz, Defne Günay, Umut Öztok, Nihan Durukan, Metin Yavuzoğlu and Tolga Güleç.

The first announcement from the series Kefaret (Atonement) starring Nurgül Yesilçay and Mert Fırat. One of the ambitious productions of the new season is expected... Some news about the show, backstage information was released, but so far no explanation has been released from Fox TV. For the first time, information about the series was shared on the network.

Kefaret episode 1
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Kefaret (Redemption) Plot Story

Here are the details about the Series of Kefaret (Redemption) that Fox TV has forwarded to the press: 25 Films undertaken, mesude Erarslan will sit in the director's chair and the screenplay is written by Mahinur Ergün, Zulfü Livaneli's Book of Constantine Hotel will be adapted from a story of the series codenamed "Kefaret", Fox is preparing to meet with the audience.

Nurgül Yeşilçay, who is teaching music in a private secondary school in the series, mother of two will give life to the character "Zeynep", while Mert Fırat will appear in front of the audience as "Superintendent Sinan".

According to the lobbying information given by journalist Birsen Altuntaş on his social media account, Saral will direct the series Kefaret. Hilal Saral has previously signed on to much-talked-about projects. In addition to Ask-I Memnu, he also directed Fatmagül'um Sucu Ne, Kuzey Guney, Kara Sevda, Kurt Seyit Ve Şura, Şahin Tepesi, Zemheri.

Kefaret (Atonement) Players

The series will be about the redemption of Zeynep pays on the sudden change of his dreamy life. Preparations for FOX's new series continue at the final speed." In the meantime, let us remind you immediately, Nurgül Yeşilçay had appeared on show TV screen with the latest Gülperi series. The last series of Mert Firat was Small Murders... It's been a while since both productions.

Kefaret (Redemption) Episode 1 Trailer

Kefaret (Redemption) Episode 1 Summary

Zeynep, who teaches at a town high school and lives a happy life with her doctor husband Ahmet and their two young children, will suddenly go to hell with the disappearance of her daughter. While Zeynep loses everything in one hand, thanks to Sinan, the successful young commissioner appointed from Istanbul, she will never give up hope and will have the power to hold on to life. Zeynep, who tries every way to find her daughter but fails to reach a conclusion, finally attempts a frantic act and faces a reality she never expected.

Kefaret (Redemption) is on FOX on Sunday November 22, at 08 P.M. with its first episode! Read Also All Episode of Kefaret (Redemption)

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