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Kefaret (Redemption) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

What is the synopsis of the series Kefaret (Redemption) and Who are the actors-actresses? The new 1st episode trailer has released! When will the series air?

The trailer for Kefaret (Redemption) series has been released. The show is set to be in front of a TV audience. The series will be adapted from Zulfü Livaneli's book Constantiniyye. The series is directed by Mesude Erarslan. The actors will include popular names.

Television screens will begin broadcasting on the subject of the series Kefaret (Redemption) and the actors began to be investigated. The trailer for the 1st episode of the atonement series has been released. The series tell the story of Zeynep, a mother of two children who is teaching music in a private secondary school, will be atonement for her dream life.

Kefaret (Redemption) will be in front of the audience as a new series of screens. Nurgül Yeşilçay and Mert Fırat are among the players of Atonement, which will be adapted from Zulfü Livaneli's book Konstantiniyye. The series is produced by 25 Films. Mesude Erarslan, who has signed on to many successful projects, sits in the director's chair of the series.

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Kefaret (Redemption) Channel Tv
Kefaret (Redemption), which will be adapted from Zulfü Livaneli's book Konstantiniyye, will be screened on FOX TV. The date of the series is not yet clear. In the event of an official announcement from the producer on this issue, current information will be added to our news.

Synopsis of Kefaret (Redemption)

When music teacher Zeynep (Nurgül Yeşilçay) moved into their beautiful home in the town where they had just been transferred five years ago with her two young children and her doctor husband Ahmet (Yurdaer Okur), she was sure that their future would be as perfect as that summer morning. She made a wish on her birthday. Over the next five years, she lost everything.

Sinan Komiser (Mert Fırat) did not leave Zeynep. Sinan lost his job because of his great love for Zeynep. Zeynep tried one last way to get back what she'd lost. Sinan and Zeynep joined hands and stubbornly took it all back one by one.

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Kefaret (Redemption) Promotional Trailer

Cast of Kefaret (Redemption)

Nurgül Yeşilçay as Zeynep Gokmen Çinarli
Nurgül Yeşilçay, 26 March 1976. She was born in Afyonkarahisar. The beautiful 44-year-old actress completed her secondary and high school education in Izmir. She graduated from Eskisehir Anadolu University Theatre Department in 2001. During her university education, he became known for his role as "Gülsüm" in the series Second Spring. In 2002, she increased his reputation as "Bahar Karadag" in the tv series Asmalı Konak, directed by Cagan Irmak. 

In 2007, she portrayed "Ezo Gelin" in Ezo Gelin. Considered one of the most important film festivals in the Middle East, the 31st-century film festival is one of the most important film festivals in the Middle East. At the International Cairo Film Festival, he was on the main jury chaired by renowned British director Nicolas Roeg.

Mert Fırat as Sinan Demir 
Mert Fırat was born on January 10, 1981 in Ankara. The 39-year-old graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Language and History and Geography, department of theater.

Fırat has shown himself in various motion pictures and television series along with his theatre career. In 2000, Fırat made his television debut with Bizim Evin Halleri and gained his real recognition in Binbir Gece. After the series, he appeared in various productions and spent more time in her theatre career. In 2018, she most recently starred in Her Şey Seninle Güzel.

Yurdarer Okur as Ahmet Çinar 
He was born in Rize on October 29, 1974. After graduating from Bafra High School, the 46-year-old entered the "Tourism Management" department of Akdeniz University. After studying at this school for three years, he realized that the business was not for him, and in 1994 he won the theatre department of Hacettepe University State Conservatory. He later received a master's degree from the M.S.U. State Conservatory. 

Özge Özacar as Meltem Serez 
Özge Özacar was born on 20 November 1993 in Istanbul. The 27-year-old graduated from Marmara University Journalism Department. Ozge Özacar, who lived his first acting subject with the series Little Sweet Liars, which aired in 2015; He has starred in series such as High School Patrol and Gamebozan. She gave life to the character of Azra in the series Dear Past, which aired on Star TV screens.

Ege Kökenli as Nil Anil
He was born in Fortieseli in 1993 of Aegean Origin. He lived there until high school. The 27-year-old later settled in Istanbul to study at Saint Joseph's French High School. He was part of the french theater team of the high school for 5 years. 

Tolga Gülec as Zeki Kose 
Tolga Gülec was born on September 20, 1981 in Hatay Iskenderun. After completing his primary and secondary education in various cities in Turkey, the 39-year-old first started his business education at Çukurova University. However, he left this department and graduated from The Department of Theatre, Faculty of Fine Arts, Dokuz Eylül University, Department of Acting. 

Mine Kilic as Arzu Kendir 
Born on November 5, 1986 in Mersin, Mine Kilic took acting lessons in Shahika Tekand Studio Actors and front-of-camera acting at Türker Inanoğlu Cinema and Television Education Foundation. The 34-year-old actress first met with the audience on television screens.

Aysegul Cengiz as Munivver Demir 
Aysegul Cengiz was born in Alanya on December 10, 1974. The 46-year-old graduated from Istanbul Medical Faculty in 1999 and became a Family Physician specialist in 2004. While receiving his medical education, he worked for 6 years at the Istanbul Medical Faculty Theatre Company (ITFTT).

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