Kefaret (Redemption) Episode 2: Trailer And Summary

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The new 2nd episode trailer of Kefaret (Redemption) been released! What happpen in the episode on November 29th?

Kefaret (Redemption) aired on FOX TV screens last night with its last 1st episode. Viewers of the series, which garnered a lot of attention with its first episode, are already searching for the trailer.

The series of Kefaret (Redemption) aired last night with its first episode. The first episode of the series was marked by Sinan selling his car for Zeynep. Kefaret, which received full marks from viewers with its function section, is curious about the new episode trailer. Here is 2nd episode trailer and episode summary of Kefaret (Redemption) .....

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What happen in the 1st episode?

Zeynep, who teaches at a town high school and lives a happy life with her doctor husband Ahmet and their two young children, will suddenly go to hell with the disappearance of her daughter.

While Zeynep loses everything in one hand, thanks to Sinan, the successful young commissioner appointed from Istanbul, she will never give up hope and will have the power to hold on to life. Zeynep, who tries every way to find her daughter but fails to reach a conclusion, finally attempts a frantic act and faces a reality she never expected.

Kefaret (Redemption) Episode 2 Trailer

Kefaret (Redemption) Episode 2 Summary

Can, who hospitalized Meltem, flees the house in a panic and disappears. Zeynep, who was hospitalized after the suicide attempt, threatens Meltem not to mention Can in a police statement. Sinan finds trace of the person who sent the message that he was the kidnapper of Elif and wants to act immediately. Zeynep will prevent Sinan's attempt, thinking it could cause her to lose her daughter forever, and she will be messed up with a new message.

Kefaret (Redemption) airs every Sunday at 08 P.M. on FOX with the new episode!. Read Also All Episode of Kefaret (Redemption)

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