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Episode 3 Alev Alev (Ablaze): Trailer And Summary

The new series Alev Alev (Ablaze) came to the screens with its 2nd episode. The last episode where there were developments full of surprises, was marked by the image of Cicek after the fire. The new episode trailer met with the audience in a short time.

Show TV's series Alev Alev (Ablaze), which has attracted great interest in a short time, met with the audience this evening with its 2nd new episode. The last episode of the popular series was marked by the upside down of everything after the fire. 

The new 3rd episode trailer met with the audience. The trailer, in which Omar is accused of burning cingers, was marked by the scene where Cicek confronted the mirrors. So, what's going to happen in the new episode? Will Cicek, who everyone thinks is dead, replace Shimal? Here is 3rd episode trailer and episode summary of Alev Alev (Ablaze)

What happen in the last episode?

Cemre, who left a message with her picture of her daughter sun, while looking for a way to take her daughter and escape, suspected that Cemre was alive Çelebi, moved to find a clue. While Cemre's life was being blown away in a different place, Ruya was also met with a face that life had never seen after the fire, while experiencing the pain of losing her best friend while being shaken by seeing the true face of her fiancée Alexander.

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Moreover, she felt the burden of the deaths of dozens of people because she was the one who called everyone to the cing. Cicek, who everyone thought was dead, opened her eyes at Tomris' house. Tomris said, "Take my daughter's place! Be nasty!" the moment he saw the young woman's image after the fire deeply affected the audience as she was in the shock of her life. In the life of Cicek, who had severe burns and became unrecognizable, everything had changed forever, especially himself. Ozan, while continuing to report the facts of the fire in the cing, Alexander was disturbed by this situation, knowing that what he wrote was true. First she fired Ozan, then she beat him with a man.

However, Ozan did not give up on the truth or helping Cemre. Cemre, with the help of Ozan and Omar, made the escape plan by setting a fake passport for him and Gunes, but Çelebi came close to finding Cemre's trail. Çelebi's man Adnan saw Cemre while he was making an investigation in Yedikule and followed him. Çelebi, who received the news, set out immediately. Cemre, who learned that Çelebi was being followed from Ömer while the tension gradually escalated when he was chasing Cemre, survived Çelebi and managed to escape by removing Güneş from the house in the final. Could Cemre be able to start the new life she dreamed of with her daughter?

Alev Alev (Ablaze) Episode 3 Trailer

Çelebi goes after everyone who helped Cemre in the promotion, where the joyful states of Cemre and Güneş after their escape are displayed. While Ömer is detained on suspicion of burning the cistern, Rüya immediately shows her support as her lawyer. While we were eagerly anticipating how Cicek, whom Tomris did not give a chance to be someone other than Şimal, will find a way out, Cemre fell into Ozan's arms "What happened to Cemre?" brings to mind the question.

Alev Alev (Ablaze) Episode 3 Summary

Cemre, who managed to escape from Çelebi with her daughter Güneş, finally opens the doors of the life she dreamed of with the support of Ozan. Çelebi will not hesitate to use all her strength in order not to lose them.

After telling Alexander, Rüya will have the opportunity to really get to know each other with Ömer, soothing his remorse, even if a little bit of remorse. Now Alexander is the worst enemy of Alexander. While Atlas is the only support of Çiçek, whose hopes turn to ashes, the arrival of his young child's father, Bülent, will both upset Tomris's plans and change the balances.

Alev Alev is on Show TV on Thursday at 20.00 with its new episode!. Read Also All Episode of Alev Alev (Ablaze)

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