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Alev Alev (Ablaze) Synospis And Cast: Turkish Drama

Show TV is one of the new series of Alev Alev (Ablaze) Series Actors Will give information about the cast here. Moon is counting down the days to come to the screen in a new series of signatures. Alev Alev will share the news of the new series with you on this page. Alev Alev (Ablaze) series cast, characters, channel and subject by sharing with you on this page we will present detailed information to our viewers who are curious.

Alev Alev (Ablaze) Production

The Series will be broadcast on Show TV screens. Ay Yapım, who produced the season finale Babylon and Çukur (The Pit) series in the past months, has set sail for new series for the new season. Ahmet Katıksız will sit in the director's chair of Alev Alev (Ablaze) series. The series is being prepared for the new series signed by Ay yapım, which has been finalized.

From the first moment the news began to appear, the highly anticipated new series 'Alev Alev (Ablaze)' was released the third presentation. The fire, which broke out during a glorious invitation, will take the audience's breath away, and it will be the beginning of all events. The fire scene, which came to screens in the presentation and has a huge production behind it, has already signaled how an immersive world awaits the audience. 

Synopsis of Alev Alev (Ablaze)

Cemre (Demet Evgar) tries to escape the violent nightmare she fell into by marrying great love with her little girl. Ruya (Dilan Çiçek Deniz) that has never met the burning face of truth in her beautiful, privileged life... Cicek (Hazar Ergüçlü) on the verge of losing her beauty and identity identical to her presence as she tries to open a small happiness page for her in her altruistic world...

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The flames that changed all the lives it touched, Cicek that were burning from the ashes of a fire... The story of finding herself, continuing on the road, seeking justice and true love...

All Episode of Alev Alev

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Cast of Alev Alev (Ablaze)

Who will be the cast of The Flame of Flame, which will be prepared by the moon production? We will share with you all the cast of the series who will be male lead and female lead actors, who will be in supporting roles. Alev Alev series will be prepared for the new season of 2020-2021 by moon production. As long as the cast of the series is certain, we will share and write with you on this page. First of all, we would like to point out the actors who were offered to star in The Flame.

Demet Evgar as Cemre

Born in Manisa in 1980, Demet Evgar has talked about his talent in every series of films she has appeared in so far and has fascinated the audience. She graduated from the theatre department of Istanbul University State Conservatory. During her conservatory education, she formed a community called Tiyatro Kılçık with her friends. In 2000, she starred in the tv series Number 7. Finally, demet Evgar, who filled the eye with her success in the series Avlu (Courtyard), examined the offer from the series and reported that she had read the script. If Demet Evgar accepts the offer, she will be the female lead in the series.

Berker Güven as İskender

Born in Izmir in 1994, Berker Guven is now another player who was offered to play. Berker Guven, who was not in the forefront of much before, will be one of the players who plays the side that made a name for himself with his acting. In 2017, he had his first acting experience in the series Vatanim Sensin, he has starred in the tv series Zalim Istanbul. He became famous for his role as Nedim in Zalim Istanbul series. 

Hazar Ergüçlü as Çiçek

Born in Cyprus in 1992, she started ing in the Turkish Municipality of Nicosia. She made her professional lysing with the film Shadows and Surrogates. In 2011, she played the role of Simay in the tv series North South. Medcezir became very popular in the series and later appeared in internet series. Hazar Ergüçlü, who is frequently the subject of the tabloid agenda with his director lover, will be back on television after a long break.

Dilan Çiçek Deniz as Rüya

Born in Sivas in 1995, Dilan Cicek Deniz participated in the Elidor Miss Turkey beauty contest in 2014 and became the 2nd. Dilan Cicek Deniz first played the role of Ebru in Sweet Little Liars in 2015. Daughters of the Sun as Elif character, Bodrum Masali as Su character , Çukur played the role of Sena. Lastly, she starred in The Unfinished Circle of Loves. 

Kaan Sener as Atlas

Kaan Şener was born in 2012. Hande Aytar is registered with the agency. Since 2017, he has starred in commercials. He starred in Kimse Bilmez (Nobody Knows). He is interested in swimming, gymnastics and ballet. He plays the piano. 

Cem Bender as Çelebi

Cem Bender was born in Trabzon in 1965. He is a graduate of KTU Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture. Cem Bender Studio Actors is a graduate of MSU Faculty of Architecture, Department of Urban Regional Planning. Films starring Cem Bender; Rüya Gibi, Kara Yilan, Güldünya, Ağır Roman Yeni Dünya, Gulperi, Hakan Muhafız took part in the series films.

Toprak Can Adıgüzel as Ali

Born in Izmir in 1992, actress Toprak Can Adıgüzel entered the Drama and Acting department of Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Fine Arts in 2013. He served with Selçuk Yöntem at Aysa Production Theatre.

Fatih Çetintaş as Komiser Taner

Fatih Çetintaş, who will play the role of Taner, is the manager of Salt Talent Agency. Fatih Çetintaş, who will experience his first acting experience with Alev Alev series, will have a great advantage to play with important actors. With this series, we think that its star will shine and that we will see itself in more projects in the future. Fatih Çetintaş, who plays the role of Komiser Taner, is registered with the talent agency only.

Cihangir Ceyhan as Omar

He was born in Adana in 1989. Cihangir Ceyhan studied acting and his first series was Yusuf. Then Ardından Sıfır Bir Adana series in Blue TV was also broadcast. He won acclaim for his success in this series and transferred to Çukur (The Pit) series.

Berkay Ateş as Gazeteci Ozan

Actor Berkay Ateş was born in Istanbul in 1987. So far, he has starred in the tv series Istanbul Sokaklari, Anne, Gülizar and Çukur. Berkay Ates was left in mind for his role as Mahzun in Cukur (The Pit).

Kadriye Kenter as Tomris

Actress Kadriye Kenter was born in 1954. She currently lectures at Halic University Conservatory and continues to work as a director and actor within Kent Actors. Kadriye Kenter, who has been more in the theatre until this time, has starred in Yaz Evi, Maki, Ölene Kadar, Siyah Beyaz Aşk and Tek Yürek. Lastly, she starred in the tv series Payitaht Abdülhamid.

Cem Sürgit as Bulent

Cem Sürgit is a graduate of Mimar Sinan University Theatre Department. 

Yigit Sertdemir as Korkut

Yigit Sertdemir was born in Izmir in 1979. She started ing at Sadri Alışık Theatre. He studied at Istanbul City Theatres, Yeditepe University Theatre Department.

Zuhal Olcay as Tomris

Zuhal Olcay plays Tomris in Alev Alev (Ablaze). Zuhal Olcay was born in Istanbul in 1957. Chastity, Urfaliyam Ezelden, High Society, Love Coincidences Sever 2 has starred in the series films. 

Rüzgar Diricanlı

Rüzgar Diricanlı is a young talent born in 2006. She studied acting from Özay Özgüler. Ben took part in the 10th contest. Vatanim Sensin, Ikizler Memo Can, and tv series Cukur (The Pit).

Sema Keçik

Born in Agri in 1965, actress Sema Keçik graduated from Mimar Sinan University Acting Department. If I were a cloud, she starred in the tv series Bir Bulut Olsam, Muhteşem Yüzyıl, Paşa Gönlüm, Aşk Yeniden and Yeni Gelin

Bahar Şahin 

Born in Ankara in 1997, she had her first acting experience in 2015. He later starred in the film My Friend, My Road Friend 2, Good Game. He also starred in The High School Patrol, Servet. Finally, Bahar Şahin, who came to prominence with her character Cemre in The Cruel Istanbul series, was filled with acting. It was quite natural for cruel Istanbul to receive a new offer immediately afterwards. Because she is indeed a very talented and successful actress in the tv series Bahar Şahin Alev Alev can play the female lead role. If the deal is signed, we'll provide detailed information here.

Ergün Metin

Ergün Metin is an actor for Unit Talent. He is a graduate of Dokuz Eylet University Faculty of Fine Arts. He's been in a lot of theaters. Ergün Metin's first series project was Flame.

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