Episode 7 Alev Alev (Ablaze): Trailer And Summary

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Has the new 7th episode trailer of Alev Alev (Ablaze) come to the screen? What happen in the episode on December 17th?

Alev Alev (Ablaze) series appeared in front of the audience on Show TV screens with the 6th final episode. Has the new 7th episode been released? The series starring Demet Evgar, Dilan Cicek Deniz and Hazar Ergüçlı appeared in front of the audience on Thursday evening. Here, the story of the series...

The series Alev Alev (Ablaze), who meets her lovers on the show, tells how the life of three women came to the same point as a fire. It is among the most watched series on screens with its successful cast and attention-attracting subject matter. The series is broadcast every Thursday. What happened in the last 6th episode?

alev alev episode 7
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What happen in the last episode?

Cemre, who tried to get rid of the violent nightmare she had by marrying great love with her little girl... Ruya who has never encountered the burning face of truth in her beautiful, privileged life... Cicek on the verge of losing its identity and its authenticity while trying to open a small page of happiness for another in its altruistic world... 

Their characters and stories are very different, and the fates of these three women interspersed with a fire in a cistern. Nothing will ever be the same after the flames. In their struggle from the beginning, their paths fall into true love and good and bad all sides to real life. The destroying, evil breath of the wealthy, charismatic, privileged Çelebi, who appears as an exemplary man from the outside, is on the back of all of them...

Alev Alev (Ablaze) Episode 7 Trailer 

In a thrilling introduction in which Cicek and Ali hear that the fire in the cistern was not an accident, Ozan ask a question to Iskender in front of journalists is increasingly escalating tensions. While Ali's attack on iskender shocked everyone when he heard that Cicek had been pushed during the fire, these moments bring to mind the question, "Has Ali learned the truth?"

Alev Alev (Ablaze) Episode 7 Summary

There are no obstacles for Cemre anymore. Cemre takes her first step towards building a new life and takes a date from the hospital to receive a mental health report. Just when she thinks everything is going well, Çelebi makes a clever plan to stop Cemre from gaining her freedom.

Having lost faith in love, Ruya's heart begins to beat thanks to Omar. With Ali's arrival home, Cicek made a decision that would upset Tomris' entire plan. Omar and Ozan, who have not given up on helping Cemre, will learn how badly Çelebi can use his power.

Alev Alev is on Show TV on Thursday at 20.00 with a new episode! Read Also All Episode of Alev Alev (Ablaze)

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