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Episode 8 Alev Alev (Ablaze): Trailer And Summary

The new 8th episode trailer of Alev Alev (Ablaze) has been released! What happen in the episode on December 24th? While Cemre continued her struggle with the support of Rüya, Ozan and Omar, this state of unity and solidarity deeply affected the audience.

Ozan and Omer went after the facts about the day of the fire in last night's episode of 'Alev Alev (Ablaze)', a critically acclaimed series of Show TV signed by Ay Yapim, which inspired and motivated many women with its powerful story. Seeking to prove that Çelebi and Iskender were guilty, the two set up a plan and started the game. Ozan and Omar, who used Selim to trap Çelebi and Iskender, gained great power against the Kayabeyli family with what they learned. 

While Omar took the evidence they obtained to the police station, Ozan went to the newspaper to make sure that these facts were heard. As a result of their efforts, Çelebi and Alexander were detained by the police in the final. Cemre enjoyed Çelebi's first defeat as the policemen who came to the house took Çelebi and Iskender away.

alev alev episode 8
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In the last 7th episode; Ömer and Ozan, who do not give up helping Cemre, will learn by experiencing how much Çelebi's power can be abused. There are no obstacles for Cemre anymore. Cemre takes her first step towards building a new life and takes a date from the hospital to receive a mental health report. Here is 8th episode trailer and episode summary of Alev Alev (Ablaze) ....

What happen in the last episode?

Just when he thinks everything is going well, Çelebi makes a clever plan to stop Cemre from gaining her freedom. Having lost faith in love, Ruya's heart begins to beat thanks to Omar. With Ali's arrival home, Cicek made a decision that would upset Tomris' entire plan. Omar and Ozan, who have not given up on helping Cemre, will learn how badly Çelebi can use her power.

Alev Alev (Ablaze) Episode 8 Trailer

Instead of testifying to the police station after the beating, Omar decided to make everyone pay the bill, and the answer to the question of who to start with is not delayed. Cemre realizes that the chance to make her dreams come true by starting to turn the new crowds she has managed to reach into opportunities thanks to Ozan is now standing in her way.

While the love between Omar and Rüya continues to progress magically, Ozan's interest in Cemre is taking it one step at a time. In the trailer, which details about the reunion of the two, which viewers were eagerly awaiting, first impressions were instilled in viewers that episode 8 would heat up to even manage to warm Omar.

Alev Alev (Ablaze) Episode 8 Summary

In the exciting introduction in which Omar is taken to the hospital, Rüya's sad state deeply affects the audience. Cemre, on the other hand, cannot control her nerves in the face of the surprising response received from Çelebi when she said that her mental health report had come out. Iskender tells Tomris that Ali is the one who stabbed him, while the answer to the question "Will the truth come out?" is also a matter of great curiosity.  

Cemre is unaware of Çelebi's plan to upset everything while waiting for the decision of the delegation she is confronting to get a mental health report.  Faced with the danger of foreclosure on the house after the tax debt, Ozan gets into greater trouble. After Omar's shooting, Ruya and Omar's hearts begin to interlock more.

After Iskender, who was stabbed by Ali, opened his eyes in the hospital, waiting for Tomris and Cicek for difficult hours, Ali's fate is about to change forever.

Alev Alev (Ablaze) is on Show TV on Thursday December 24th at 08 P.M with a new 7th episode! Read Also All Episode of Alev Alev (Ablaze)

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