Episode 9 Alev Alev (Ablaze): Trailer And Summary

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The new 9th episode trailer for Alev Alev (Ablaze) has been released!. What happen in the episode on January 7th? Here's what's curious about the series, which locks its audience on the screen with its strong cast and attention-attracting subject matter...

Show TV's series Alev Alev (Ablaze), which quickly received a lot of attention, came to screens with its 8th new episode. To the final episode of the series, which meets with the audience on Thursday evenings; Ali's fate changed forever. So, has the highly anticipated 9th new episode trailer been released?

The excitement continued with the 8th new episode of Alev Alev (Ablaze), which aired last night. Eyes have been turned to the 9th new episode trailer in the series, each episode of which is the scene of a separate thrill...

alev alev episode 9
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What happen in the last episode?

Cemre is unaware of Çelebi's plan to upset everything while waiting for the decision of the delegation she is confronting to get a mental health report. Faced with the danger of foreclosure on the house after the tax debt, Ozan gets into greater trouble.

After Omar's shooting, Ruya and Omar's hearts begin to interlock more. After Iskender, who was stabbed by Ali, opened his eyes in the hospital, waiting for Tomris and Cicek for difficult hours, Ali's fate is about to change forever.

Alev Alev (Ablaze) Players

He mentions his name with his players as much as he is with his subject matter. The names among the flame players are as follows: Demet Evgar, Dilan Çiçek Deniz, Hazar Ergüçlü, Cem Bender, Cihangir Ceyhan, Berkay Ateş, Berker Güven etc.

Alev Alev (Ablaze) Episode 9 Trailer

While it is notable that Rüya took Omar to dinner in the promotion where pleasant moments came to the screens, the duo had fun moments with this sweet surprise. After Ozan compliments Cemre, his difficult moments make faces laugh.

Alev Alev (Ablaze) Episode 9 Summary

Cemre is determined not to accept Çelebi's offer to be locked up in the clinic or return home with Çelebi. Ozan, Omar, Rüya and Cemre, who fought together against Çelebi, find the silver lining in a name they never expected.

In all the difficulties experienced, Omar is unaware of the sweet surprise that Rüya will give him. With the help of the unexpected name, Cemre's fortunes begin to turn. 

Alev Alev (Ablaze) Plot Story

The lives of three women from different worlds are connected by a fire. As Cemre (Demet Evgar) tries to get rid of her husband with her daughter, Rüya (Dilan Cicek Deniz) meets the reals of life. Cicek (Hazar Ergüçlı) must find herself and do something for herself. Read Also All Episode of Alev Alev (Ablaze)

Alev Alev (Ablaze) Filming Location

The series, whose regulation was made by Ahmet Katıksiz and whose script was written by Burcu Görgün Toptaş and screened on Show TV, is being filmed at different points in Istanbul. While the house shooting took place in Büyükçekmece, promotional shots took place at the famous Aglayankaya beach in Şile, Istanbul, while shots were also made on the plateau set up for series sets at the Beykoz shoe factory. Filming took place in Yedikule, one of the neighborhoods of Fatih district of Istanbul. 

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