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İyi Aile Babası Episode 1: Trailer And Summary

Directed by Hakan Algül and written by Typhoon Güneyer; Çağlar Çorumlu, Şebnem Bozoklu, Melek Baikal, Salih Kalyon, Timur Acar, Bahar Şahin, Bahar Süer, Berke Usdiken, Ecrin Su Coban, Berat Efe Parlar, Composition Bereket and Rukan Demir take part.

In the series; Public health physician Mehmet Ali (Çağlar Çorumlu), who owns a private clinic on the Anatolian Side, is a devoted family man who loves his wife and children very much. He is also very fond of his mother, who has down-floor neighbors. Therefore, he constantly between his wife and mother and has a difficult mediation role between the two.

iyi aile babasi episode 1
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Kanal D's family comedy "İyi Aile Babası (Good Family Man)", produced by Surec Film, begins soon on Kanal D!

İyi Aile Babası Episode 1 Trailer

İyi Aile Babası Episode 1 Summary

The series will be updated soon.

 İyi Aile Babası (Good Family Man) starts soon on Kanal D! Read Also All Episode of İyi Aile Babası

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