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Why Did Halime Hatun Die in the series Diriliş: Ertuğrul?

Who is Halime Hatun? How and how old did Ertugrul Gazi's wife die?

The details about the death of Halime Hatun, her life was processed in Dirilis Ertuğrul series, was the subject of curiosity. The death scene of Halime Hatun, who gave birth to Ottoman founder Osman Gazi in the 116th episode of the historical series dated May 2, left millions in tears. So who is Ertugrul's wife Halime Hatun, how old did she die?

The death of Halime Hatun, one of the main characters of Diriliş Ertuğrul, was a voice for a long time. The sudden death of the character "Halime Hatun", which Esra Bilgic gave life to, deeply affected both Ertugrul Gazi and those at the beginning of the screen. Kayi Boyu leader Ertugrul Gazi's wife, Ottoman State founder Osman Gazi's mother Halime Hatun's life information came up again. So who is Halime Hatun, when and how old did she die?

why halime hatun die?
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Halime Hatun, who had no information about her date of birth, was born in 1281. She is the wife of Kayi Boyu leader Ertugrul Gazi, the son of Suleyman Shah and his wife Hayme Hatun. He had three sons, Saru Batu Savci Bey (1287), Gündüz Alp (vefati: 1306), and Osman Gazi (1258-1326).

Halime Hânım, who died in 1281, is in the garden of her husband Ertugrul Gazi's tomb in Willow. It was first built as an open tomb by Osman Gazi and later turned into a tomb by Mehmet Çelebi I.

Who is Halime Hatun?

She is the beautiful daughter of a runaway Turkmen martyr. She grew up in the Seljuk palace. An altruistic, understanding and sociable girl, Halime overcomes many problems with her patience and intelligence. Merit and hardworking are among the most obvious features. Her helpful and sharing nature earns her friends and enemies in any environment.

Why Did Halime Hatun Die?

Halime Hatun's farewell to the show came to an explanation. Esra Bilgic announced the reason for leaving the series on her social media account with the following words:

"We put an end to the character of Halime Sultan, who I played with great love and great desire for every scene I spent four years full of, because the story of the new season will be changed. I am grateful to you for such love and love of me, for seeing me as someone from your family, your home, from the very beginning to the day." Read Also Synopsis And Cast of Diriliş: Ertuğrul

Watch the episode of Halime Hatun's Die

12 comments for "Why Did Halime Hatun Die in the series Diriliş: Ertuğrul?"

  1. I absolutely loved watching this on Netflix. I hated the killing off of many characters, but especially Halime Hatun. What were they planning for her character for her to decide to leave? It took me awhile to watch the show because of having to read all the close captions. But it was was worth it. What are these actors and actresses doing now?
    Well done everyone. Love you guys.

  2. I enjoyed this series very much. I hope Netflix will air the sequel. These actors and actresses came alive for me, and the history was so interesting. I did not mind reading the lines, it took nothing away from the story, and I have a much better understanding of the Islamic Religion.

  3. Esra Bilgic is most popular beautiful Turkiey actress famous in Pakistan after his drama Artgul. She is very gorgeous and beautiful and hardworking actress. She win many hurt in whole world with his cute smile and beautiful look .

  4. Yes, I do not agree on Halima Hatun's death. It spoils the history of the whole show, since history shows she lived much beyond Ertugrul. I don't understand the actress's explanation as to WHY. Please explain someone? It has ruined the whole series for me. I saw the death scene last night and it just makes me upset because I truly love the series. Can someone explain the reason in more detail please? Thank you.

  5. Hello, Halime Hatun actually passed away 2 years or a few months after Ertugrul. Since, the show killed her off, it shows that she died while giving birth to Osman, but that is not true, she died a natural death and had passed away after him (Ertugrul). She in fact, also saw her sons grow up and get married.. Hope this helped ..... :)

  6. Love this drama only thing I watched on TV don't know what I will do now please come back

  7. I watched the show although many scenes were boring just because of halime. I must say it was a big blunder to remove her

  8. It came to me as a complete shock to see her pass away like that made me shed a few tears I wasn't even expecting that

  9. I was watching the series and was not expecting to see her death it came to me as a complete shock I had tears rolling down my eyes

  10. Fantastic show. I fell in love with the history of the people of Turkey. Saddened for many of the characters deaths particularly Halime. Was hoping they would bring her back some how and not imply a new love interest for Ertugrul. None the less, every actor/actress did an incredible job bringing to life the historical figures and history of this dynasty. As an American I am humbled learning the love of God, country and family of the people. I was compelled to research so much of it. Thank you

  11. I was absolutely gutted by the writers choice. This was just their way of a “plot twist” and it backfired on them . The show was an international success. Because of this choice, they lost lots of viewers and one by one, the actors signed off on season 6. It’s horrible and unfortunately this kind of soap opera tactics are all throughout the sequel, Kurulus.