Turkish Drama Hercai Episode 51: Trailer And Summary

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Has the new 51st episode trailer of Hercai been released? What happen in the episode on December 12nd?

Hercai appeared before their audience with the last 50th episode. Tonight's episode of the beloved series marked the confrontation between Reyyan and Mahfuz. Hercai episode 51 trailer is already being explored. So, has the new 51st episode trailer been released? 

Hercai aired on ATV screens with its 50th final episode. One wonders what happened in the new episode of the series starring Akin Akinözu, Ebru Şahin, Gülçin Santarcığlu and Serhat Tutumluer. Here is 51st episode trailer and episode summary of Hercai...

What happen in the last episode?

Azize and Nasuh are in shock. Nasuh learned that Azize was in fact Ayşe, and that her son, who she thought had died years earlier, was Hazar. Azize, who regrets her order to Mahmoud, tries to reach him and Hazar, but it will not be easy. Füsun, who held Azize responsible for Aslan's death, is in the plans for her.

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Reyyan and Miran are struggling with what is happening around them and are excited about their baby. Reyyan's ass and sensing both amuses and excites Miran. She struggles to make the woman she loves happy.

As always, its greatest support is Firat. Esma is at a crossroads, she will either reveal her big secret to Firat or shut up forever. There's someone she never expected to tell him everything. Meanwhile, Azize, who thinks it's all over, is on an irreversible path. So she can make it up to him. But at the end of the road, a big surprise is waiting for her.

Hercai Episode 51 Trailer

Azize and Nasuh are in shock. Nasuh said Azize was actually Ayse.

Hercai Episode 51 Summary

Upon learning that Hazar is her own son, Azize considers that there is only one way to redeem herself for what she has done so far, but she has a disability as dangerous as she is; Füsun. Reyyan, who is confused about Mahfuz, fears losing her baby due to the influence of a dream she has. Miran, who is excited to be reunited with his father and to be a father on the one hand, indulges in pampers, does not give up what he says, does his best to get rid of his doubts and fears. 

Hazar makes a move to make life easier for his son and daughter. This move will bring the father and son closer together. Nasuh took a step towards becoming a grandparent-grandson with Miran and wanted to throw a meal in honor of his joining the family, but encountered Cihan's objection. Unable to stomach Miran being a Shadoglu and thinking that he would be given his own right, Cihan counters and holds the hand of friendship extended by his in-law Füsun. 

However, this behavior causes Nasuh to draw his lightning bolts on him. While all this is happening, Azize, who wants to prevent Füsun's terrible plan, rushes to Reyyan. But he's late. Will Füsun be able to harm Reyyan? Will she be able to redeem herself to Azize? 

Hercai series will be on ATV on Friday evening, December 11, 2020 with its new 51st episode. Read Also All Episode of Turkish Drama Hercai

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