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Episode 100 Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple): Trailer And Summary

The new 100th episode trailer of Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) has been released! What happen in the episode on MarYasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) March 1st?

Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) aired on FOX TV screens with its 99th final episode. Fans wonders what will happen in the new episode, starring Shevval Sam, Eda Ece, Nesrin Cavadzade. In the last chapter, Ender and Shahika triumph. Has the new 100th episode trailer been released? Here are detail ....

In the last 99th episode of Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple); Shahika's perfect plan will be enough to corner Hassan Ali. Shahika has to hide for a while until ender buys the shares back. Ender and Shahika will not only avenge Hasan Ali's actions by buying back the shares, but will teach him a great lesson. Hasan Ali tries his best to end this marriage as he tries to get over the surprise of marrying Shahika. However, Shahika will not keep her promise. As Cansu struggles to break up Cagaatay and Yildiz, an unexpected visitor changes the course of events. 

The dose of intrigue doesn't diminish for a moment in Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple), one of Fox TV's most beloved series. Shahika, the queen of intrigue thought to be dead, suddenly appeared. Hasan Ali found it as the only way to eliminate Shahika and made her drink poisoned turnips under the pretext that we were celebrating, saying they were in cooperation. Hasan Ali, who thought they had thrown Shahika, who they thought was dead, into the sea by wrapping him in the carpet, was unaware that the trouble had been dealt with.

yasak elma episode 100


Hasan Ali, who thought he had killed Shahika and survived, was confronted by Ender. Ender used the footage of Shahika's murder as blackmail material to confront Hasan Ali and asked for all of his shares in the company. Hasan ali's shares were sold only to people with last names, and he said he would marry her. Hasan Ali, who accepted this desperate situation, was stunned when he came across Shahika he thought he had killed while waiting for Ender at the wedding table.....

There was a number of reports about Nesrin Cavadzade, who gave life to the character of Shahika, who was thought to have died in the tv series Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple). It was said that the famous actor was cast as a result of playing without permission in the Netflix series Another and swearing as a script. Fans of the show believed that the character of shaika was dead. Shahika, the queen of intrigue that resemented after a few episodes, surprised not only Hassan Ali, but also those watching.

Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple), the dose of intrigue did not fall for a moment. Ender and Shahika collaborated to take what Hasan Ali had. Shahika married Hasan Ali because his last name had to be the same in case he passed on Hasan Ali's assets to them. Shahika and Ender, the queen of intrigue, did not stop there. Shahika will avenge this from Hassan Ali, who wants to kill himself. This time, Shahika is making plans to poison Hassan Ali.

Yasak Elma Epsiode 100 Trailer

Yasak Elma Episode 100 Summary

Shahika begins to take full advantage of being married to Hasan Ali, which bothers Ender. Cagatay is made to reveal his long-kept secret while investigating who threatened him because of Cansu.

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