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What's the synopsis of  Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series? Who are the actors-actresses? What the character cast of the series? Where is the filming location?

Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) cast was recently announced and names were revealed to be involved in the project. the series, which gave a ratings test against its strong rivals on Monday, began to investigate the subject of the series by its followers. Here are the players which stars prominent figures, and all the characters that these actors bring to life...

Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series aired on FOX TV last week. Starring Talat Bulut and Şevval Sam, the series's subject and cast managed to attract the attention of the lovers of the series. It is curious how the series will perform in the ratings... Here's what to know about the series...

Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple), signed by Med Production, the first part of it was published on March 19, 2018, directed by Neslihan Yesilyurt, written by Melis Civelek, music by Cem Tuncer, Ercüment Orkut and Efecan Tuncer in the genre of drama and comedy turkish series.

Synopsis of Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple)

Zeynep (Sevda Erginci) and Yildiz (Eda Ece) are two sisters who are very fond of each other but whose dreams are completely different. Yildiz's life changes when she meets Ender Argun (Şevval Sam), the queen of society. Ender decided to use Yildiz to get rid of her husband, Halit Argun (Talat Bulut), and offered Yildiz the offer of her life.

Yasak Elma Synopsis
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While these things happen in Yildiz's life, the company where Zeynep works is purchased by Alihan Tasdemir (Onur Tuna). Alihan is an extremely arrogant, arrogant, rich businessman. The contrasts of Zeynep and Alihan soon turn into an interaction. What Zeynep doesn't know is that Alihan is Khalid's partner and his second wife's brother. Yildiz's decision will affect not only himself, but also Zeynep.

Yasak Elma 1st Episode Summary

Yildiz's life changes when he meets Ender Argun. Ender's goal is to tool Yildiz into the divorce plan from Khalid. Unable to know what to do with Ender's depraved offer, Yildiz has to make the decision of her life. Her sister Zeynep starts work at Halit's partner Alihan's company. While Yildiz is looking to achieve her dreams, Zeynep sets sail for the beginnings where she will face events she never dreamed of...

Yildiz is determined to move on the path she's got. Ender is the first target for this. He'll do everything he can to find out the details of Ender's personal life. Zeynep wants to stay away from Alihan, but the unfortunate accident that happened to her brings the duo together...

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Cast of Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple)

Talat Bulut (Khalid Argun)

He is one of the richest men in Turkey. He's a good, hard-working, respected businessman. His only problem is his flirtation. She's very interested in beauty, youth. She's always used to seeing a well-groomed, beautiful woman with him. He's a guaranteer who doesn't give a dime to the women he's married to when they divorce, and even protects the jewels in his own private safe. She can't live without the attention of women and wants to be attracted and loved by women.

Şevval Sam (Ender Argun)

She is the real equivalent of the socialite definition in the dictionary and a complete community woman. At the height of her beauty, she managed to enter as secretary alongside a flirtatious, married billionaire businessman like Khalid Argun. With her energy, skill, diligence and femininity, she gained her dream life for years by becoming pregnant with Halit and hiding it for a while. She's in love with money and power.

Onur Tuna (Alihan Tasdemir)

He is the most popular and handsome bachelor of Istanbul. He draws attention wherever he goes. Women are propellers around it. He's a perfectionist, he never admits mistakes. He's ruthless when he's done, he never gives a second chance. There are few people in life that he cares and trusts. He likes to look cruel. He wants people to be afraid of him.

Eda Ece (Yildiz Yilmaz)

Despite her young age, she was bored with her life. To her, the key to happiness is to find a rich husband and get married and live a life in luxury. She admires society and luxury people. Years from now, she'll understand that her life can change with Ender's offer, and she'll use her mind to pick up Khalid and become her wife.

Sevda Erginci (Zeynep Yilmaz)

She is Yildiz's sister, two years younger. It's not as flashy and fancy as Yildiz. More natural is a girl who is as old as she requires. What's affected by people in Zeynep is his character. He's honest, hardworking, smart, idealistic. She can't come to injustice. She'll say if there's any injustice. She's not afraid. She's very smart and resourceful.

Safak Pekdemir (Zehra Argun)

She is khalid's daughter, who is one of his first wife. She is the eldest and very good sister of Halit's children. She's always jealous of all her father's wives. She's never been in love, believe she's stayed at home.

Barış Aytac (Caner Çelebi)

He's Ender's brother. He has no qualifications. He's lazy. He loves to eat at the time. The goose won't spare chicken from where it's coming. He knows what to do to whom. He's very confident and liking himself. He sees himself and Ender as elite. He is funny and witty.

İrem Kahyaoğlu (Sengül Dogan)

The former boss of Yildiz is the mistress of the neighborhood beauty salon. She is a widow with two children in middle age. She's cheerful, witty and laughy. She likes to be a sister and advice to girls. She's seen it in his own way. She loves and watches Yildiz.

Kivanç Kasabalı (Sinan)

Ender's secret love is the famous aesthetic doctor Sinan. Married with his love of university at a young age, he was paid and become a socialite doctor and left his wife when he found Ender. He worships money and power.

Nilgün Türksever (Zerrin Tasdemir)

She is Khalid's second wife and Alihan's older sister. Her life began the day she married Khalid, and the day she divorced him was over. According to Zerrin, with Khalid for his money. Even after years, Zerrin will always wait for Khalid. She belongs to a deep-rooted and very wealthy family.

Ilber Kaboğlu (Erim Argun)

He is the teenage son of Khalid and Ender. He's a model son who's mature enough to make this child out of this family, who's sane, doesn't know what spoils he is. He'll always be a father. He has a structure that can talk to everyone and be friends.

Ayşegül Cinar (Lila Argun)

Khalid's daughter from Zerrin. She's very fond of her father. She finds her mother's obsessive love for her father absurd. She knows very well that her back won't come to the ground. After all, her father is Halit Argun and her uncle is Alihan Taşdemir.

Tugçe Koçak (Lal Uzun)

She's Alihan's extended lover. Her dream is to marry Alihan. She doesn't want to lose him to anyone. She knows Alihan doesn't like him, but she's the only one who's going to be able to do it. She's a socialite girl who pursues more favors than a passionate lover.

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