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Episode 155 Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple): Trailer And Summary

The new 155th episode trailer of Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) has been released! Watch the new alternative 155th episode trailer here. What happen in the episode on November 14th? 

The highly anticipated new trailer for Yasak Elma, the first episode of which was published on March 19, 2018, directed by Ece Erdek Koçoğlu and written by Melis Civelek and Zeynep Gür, has arrived. In the end trailer of Yasak Elma; Yıldız, who could not digest what was done, rolled up his sleeves and took action to take revenge on Ender and Doğan. 

Yıldız killed Ender!

The last trailer of the series, starring Şevval Sam, Eda Ece, Biran Damla Yılmaz, Murat Aygen and Şebnem Dönmez, again locked the audience to the screen. In the end trailer published; It was seen that Ender and Yildiz were enemies again and that they had come to an end. Yıldız, who couldn't handle Ender and Doğan's engagement and wanted to take revenge, started to make new plans.

episode 156 yasak elma
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Yıldız, who organized a party at her house and did not give Doğan peace, then crashed into Ender with his car. Seeing Ender falling to the ground and remaining motionless, the audience asked, "Is Ender dead?" raised the question. Here are 155th episode trailer and episode summary of Yasak Elma ....

What happen in the end episode?

After the blow he received from Yıldız, Doğan and Ender, he puts his revenge plans into action and makes life miserable for Doğan and Ender. By not doing what everyone expects from Yıldız, he shocks Doğan and Ender with a clever twist.

Yasak Elma Episode 155 Trailer

Yasak Elma Episode 155 Summary

While Doğan and Ender are shocked by Zeynep and Engin's engagement, Ender tries to expose Yıldız's lie. Kumru likes the doctor Selim, whom he has just met, and shows himself as a different person. Ender finds the ultimate solution to win Doğan.

Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) is on air to watch the 155th episode with its air on the monday evening of November 14, 2022 at 08 P.M. Read Also All Episode of Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple)

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