Kazara Aşk (Accidental Love) Release Date

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Who are the player of Kazara Aşk (Accidental Love) series? What the plot story? When the series will be released?

Information about Star Tv series Kazara Aşk (Accidental Love) continues to be on the agenda. If you want to know up-to-date information about the news we have written in the latest details, you can immediately take a look at our news.

The new series Kazara Aşk (Accidental Love), revealed by Koliba Film, is set to be accidentally broadcast on Star TV screens. After it was announced that the romantic comedy series would be released, viewers began to investigate who was in the cast of the production, which they were going to see during the summer season.

Within the scope of Star TV, it was announced that series such as Menajerimi Ara, İyi Günde Kötü Günde, Sol Yanım and Seni Çok Bekledim, as well as accidental love series will be broadcast. With this production, Star TV has a series that will be broadcast all day of the week.

Kazara Ask release date
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Koliba Film has revealed the series Masum Değiliz (We Are Not Innocent) and Canevim in the past year and has suffered financial damages due to the inads not reaching a wide audience. The production company's goal now is to compensate for the financial damages it has done with the Kazara Aşk (Accidental Love) serie.

Looking at the general topic of the series, which will be watched in the romantic comedy genre, it will be watched when two young people who do not know each other meet accidentally and fall in love with each other.

Kazara Aşk Release Date

The casting and preparation of Kazara Aşk (Accidental Love) series continues. The series starts on Thursday, June 24 at 08 P.M on Star Tv! Read Also All Episode of Kazara Aşk (Accidental Love)

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