Kazara Aşk (Accidental Love) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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What the story of Kazara Aşk  (Accidental Love)? Who are in the cast? Where is the filming location?


A new romantic comedy series is coming from Koliba Film. Kazara Aşk  (Accidental Love) series, in which Sude Zülal Guler will appear as a female lead actress, will be on Star TV screens in the new season. Star TV will fill its last free day with accidental love series, which will bring series such as Seni Çok Bekledim, Menajerimi Ara, İyi Günde Kötü Günde and  Sol Yanım. Thus, Star TV will have a series every day with Babil (Babylon) and Seferin Kızı (Sefir's Daughter).

According to our senses, negotiations are ongoing with Umit Kantarcılar to be Sude Zülal Guler partner in Kazara Aşk  (Accidental Love) series; If the contract is signed, we will inform you very soon. The series will be romantic comedy style. He will tell of the impossible loves of two young men who never knew one of them after their chance encounter . Sadullah Çelen, who previously director for Elimi Birakma (Don't Let Go), will be the director of this series. 

The new series, revealed by Koliba Film, is set to be Kazara Aşk  (Accidental Love) broadcast on Star TV screens. After it was announced that the romantic comedy series would be released, viewers began to investigate who was in the cast of the production, which they were going to see during the summer season.

Kazara Aşk synopsis
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As it will be remembered, Koliba Film brought Canevim and Masum Değiliz (We are not innocent) to the screen in 2019, but it was damaged when it did not keep both series. Koliba Film 2020, which has previously achieved a great success with the series Yarali Kuslar (Wingless Birds) and Yeter (Enough), wants to continue its former successes with Kazara Aşk  (Accidental Love) series.

Looking at the general topic of the series, which will be watched in the romantic comedy genre, it will be watched when two young people who do not know each other meet accidentally and fall in love with each other. Kazara Aşk  (Accidental Love) series actors Umit Kantarcılar, star tv screens planned to be broadcast on female lead Sude Zülal Guler. The beautiful actress, who previously starred in Kirgin Cicekler (The Broken Flowers) and took a break from acting after marriage, will be in the cast on this series.  

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Cast of Kazara Aşk

Umit Kantarcılar as Civan

Umit Kantarcılar was born in Antalya on October 10, 1987 and is 34 years old. Umit Kantarcı, who studied at Antalya Municipal Theatre and Müjdat Gezen Conservatory, was recently loved for his honorary carcass, which he brought to life in Kanatsız Kuşlar. Most recently, he appeared as Kerem in Vuslat.

Sude Zülal Guler as Şimal

Born on 25 August 2001 in Skopje, Sude Zülal Guler is 20 years old. Sude Zülal Guler, who is known for leading the magnificent 19th Century Kösem Sultan series Ayse Sultan, recently starred in The Promise of Honor, but did not keep the series. Sude Zülal Guler, who works as an icon-talent manager, has also attracted attention with the series Mayıs Kraliçesi  and İsimsizler. Sude Zülal Guler is 165 cm tall and weighs 52 kg.


Sadi Celil Cengiz

Sadi Celil Cengiz was born in Samsun Wednesday in 1983. Sadi Celil Cengiz, who is 38 years old, is a graduate of Istanbul University Business School. Poyraz Karayel, Kardeş Payı ve İşler Güçler and  Kalbimin Sultanı are important series.

Burak Tamdogan

Born in Ankara in 1971, Burak Tamdogan is 50 years old. Burak Tamdogan graduated from METU Psychology and later studied theater at Ankara University. Burak Tamdogan has appeared in Kara Para Aşk, Göç Zamanı , Çatı Katı Aşk and Elimi Bırakma series.

Burakhan Yilmaz as Doctor Kenan

Burakhan Yilmaz, who is known for his character Orhan in Fig Tree and is much loved, will appear as doctor Kenan in Accidental Love. Born in 1994, Burakhan Yilmaz is 25 years old.  Burakhan Yilmaz, who took part in the theatre stages as a child actor, graduated from Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory Theater department and received a good acting education. Burakhan Yilmaz, who later appeared in 50 theatre ensembles and gained acting experience, had his first television series acting role by guest starring in Kocaman Ailem.

Selin Isik as Nazli

Selin Işık, who last appeared as Özlem in EDHO, was born in Izmir in 1987 and is 33 years old. Selin Işık, who previously appeared in Çılgın Dershane Üniversitede and Esaretim Sensin, is 1.69 cm tall and weighs 53 kg 

Aycan Koptur as Vildan

Aycan Koptur was born in Izmir on February 24, 1994 and is 27 years old. Aycan Koptur, a graduate of Bilgi University Department of Cinema and Television, is known for his Show Of Laughs. Aycan Koptur, a graduate of Bilgi University Department of Cinema and Television, has recently appeared in such series as Yol Arkadaşım 2 and Seviyor Sevmiyor.

Deniz Altan as Asli

Deniz Altan, who last appeared in Kirmizi Oda as Cicek and Nur, was born in Istanbul on September 26, 1994 and is 27 years old. Deniz Altan, who took acting courses at Sadri Alışık Academy, is known for his series Such Bir Geçer Zaman ki and Hayat Şarkısı. She is 160 cm tall and weighs 54 Kg.

Ugur Cavusoglu

Ugur Cavusoglu last appeared as Genco in Sen Anlat Karadeniz with Osman Sınav. The experienced actor, who previously appeared in Egenin Hamsisi, has now signed on for Gel Dese Ask. Ugur Cavusoglu, who was born in Artvin in 1967, is 53 years old. Ugur Cavusoglu, who was also very popular in the series after the Theatre with the series Ottoman Tokat, managed to become a star especially with the series Hayat Güzeldir and Meryem.

Servet Pandur

Servet Pandur, who made his name with a series all over the world as the Azime of Kanatsiz Kuslar, was last involved in a Bizim Hikaye series, but was disappointed with the show's Early Finale. Servet Pandur was born in Izmir in 1970 and is 40 years old. He studied Theatre at Ankara State Conservatory and worked in Servet Pandur State theaters. Experienced theatre actor Servet Pandur made his debut with Fatmagül'un Sucu Ne series in 2018, but was replaced by Feride Cetin due to the fact that the series will be filmed in Mardin.

Gokce Akyıldız Will Not in this series

Gökçe Akyıldız born on October 30, 1992 in Sinop, the beautiful actress is now 28 years old. Gökçe Akyıldız, who will take part in a romantic comedy project for the first time, will also choose his own partner. Gökçe Akyıldız, who first appeared in Fatih Harbiye series, has previously appeared as a child actor in series such as Medcezir and Sırlar Dünyası (The World of Secrets). The talented actress, who has been in art since she was 10 years old, is 1.64 meters tall and weighs 51 kilos.

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