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Episode 7 Kazara Aşk (Accidental Love): Trailer And Summary

The new 7th episode trailer of Kazara Aşk (Accidental Love) has been released! In the end episode; Will Civan's biggest secret finally be revealed? Here is about what happen in the episode on August 12nd? 

Star TV is counting down the days to meet its audience with a great series that will cheer up the summer months. It is wondered when the series "Kazara Aşk", which will connect the audience to the screen with its strong cast and gripping story, will start and what will happen in the new episode.


Sadullah Celen is the director of the TV series Kazara Aşk, produced by Ata Türkoğlu on behalf of Koliba Film. The script of the series is written by Bekir Baran Sıtkı and Rana Mamatlıoğlu. Has the publication date of Kazara Aşk, which tells the story of young people who opened a new page in their lives after meeting as a result of an accident, has been determined?

It's hard to say the same for the TV series Kazara Aşk, which started last week. The series, starring Ümit Kantarcılar and Sude Zülal Güler, did not make a good start. In fact, Kazara Aşk, which has an entertaining story, did not attract the expected attention with its first two episodes. The storyline is fun. There's also the lead role. However, the results of the ratings are not very heartwarming… This shows that Star TV's general series misfortune has also spread to Kazara Aşk.

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What happen in the end episode?

Now completely sure that Kenan cheated on her, Şimal has decided to continue the marriage game with Civan just to hurt him. This situation works best for Civan. After he succeeds in appeasing Nazli, who thinks they will explain everything, and his enthusiasm is still in his crop, he heads for his main goal. To take over the company, Tahsin has to give a grandchild. Of course, in order to achieve this, he made Şimal fall in love with herself…

Confident in his charms on women, Civan tries to impress Şimal with his usual tactics. However, his trusted charm does not work on Şimal. Moreover, with Nazlı's secret move, Şimal is close to learning that their marriage is fake.

Although Civan managed to overcome the first danger, a suspicion fell on Şimal. And he starts researching about their marriage. Of course, Civan doesn't hesitate to do all kinds of tricks to prevent her from learning.

Kazara Aşk Episode 7 Trailer 

Kazara Aşk Episode 7 Summary

Although it is morning, there is still no news from Dursun and Tahsin, who disappeared by boat. Şimal decides that she cannot wait any longer. They arrange a boat with Civan and set out to look for them. But this journey does not go as they thought. Apart from finding the Dursuns, they also get themselves into trouble. Finally, with Dursun and Tahsin being found in an unexpected place, the waters calm down for Şimal, but there is still an ongoing problem for Civan. He thinks that Kenan learned that Esat was not actually a wedding officer and sent the record of his arrest to Şimal. However, it is a completely different video sent by Kenan. A video where Okan drunkenly tells that Civan married Şimal to buy the company...

Thinking that he has eliminated the Kenan threat, Civan returns to his original plan; He will make Şimal fall in love with him. Moreover, this time he will take his steps firmly, and he will get help from Şimal's best friend Aslı about what to do. This time, Civan is unaware that the danger he thinks has disappeared while he is implementing his plan, which seems to be working this time, is approaching him step by step. Because the video where Okan tells everything is about to get into the hands of Şimal. Will Civan realize this and be able to prevent Şimal from learning the truth, or will Şimal watch that video and learn the truth that Civan has been hiding from himself?

 Kazara Aşk (Accidental Love) Episode 7 released on August 12nd. Read Also All Episode of Kazara Aşk (Accidental Love)

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