Episode 3 Kazara Aşk (Accidental Love): Trailer And Summary

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The new 3rd episode trailer of Kazara Aşk (Accidental Love) has been released! In the end episode; Şimal and Civan decide to play a game so as not to disappoint their own families. What happen in the episode on July 8th? 

Kazara Aşk episode 3 trailer has been published on our site quickly. The new episode of Kazara Aşk, which is watched with great admiration on STAR TV screens, will be with you on Thursday, July 8, at 08 P.M. Will the series starring the popular actors actresses such as Ümit Kantarcılar and Sude Zülal Güler, be released this week?

The summer Turkish series, produced by Koliba Film and producer by Ata Türkoğlu, came to Star TV screens. While Bekir Baran Sıtkı and Rana Mamatlıoğlu wrote the script of the TV series Accidental Love, Sadullah Ceylan sits in the director's chair, Here is 3rd epsiode trailer and episode summary of Kazara Aşk .....

kazara ask episode 3
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What happen in the end episode?

With his memory restored, Civan gives up at the last moment to face Şimal. Because Şimal's verbal lie brings him one step closer to his dreams of becoming the head of the company. For this reason, he continues to treat everyone, especially Şimal, as if she has lost her memory. However, he also wonders why Şimal told this lie. Is Şimal a greedy opportunist who takes advantage of her amnesia; Or is there some other reason why she says they are verbal? Civan puts Şimal to tests in his own way to understand what her intentions are. Şimal, on the one hand, tries not to reveal the lie she told, on the other hand, she feels remorse for deceiving Civan.

On the other hand, Tahsin and Dursun decide to duly fulfill the promise that the young people made among themselves. Neval, on the other hand, is absolutely against it. Already, Okan and Vildan have made an unexpected surprise to the family, and Neval has not succeeded in separating Vildan from his son. At least he wants to have a say about the girl Civan will marry. However, Tahsin's definite attitude ties of his hands.

Events turn into a tangle when other surprise visitors, especially Nazlı and Kenan, arrive on the night of the request. And the game that Şimal and Civan play against each other takes on a completely different form. However, Civan manages to turn this situation in his favour. At least he thinks so. Because Tahsin and Dursun are preparing an unexpected surprise for Şimal and Civan.

Kazara Aşk Episode 3 Trailer

Kazara Aşk Episode 3 Summary

The families request for marriage within ten days is the last straw for Şimal and she decides to end this lie she has told. However, Şimal's confession of everything means goodbye to the company for Civan. Of course Civan won't let that happen. Whatever he will do, he will try to stop Şimal with a move that will tie Şimal's hands ... Of course, this is not the only problem that Civan has to solve. In fact, he is married to Nazli. In order to marry Şimal, he must convince her to divorce him without learning the truth. This won't be as easy as he thought. And he begins preparations to marry Şimal with a plan that even the devil cannot think of.

Şimal, on the other hand, is uncomfortable with falling into a bigger lie so that the lie he told his family at the beginning is not revealed. Moreover, Kenan, who does not follow him, is confusing him. He looks for another way to end this matter before it reaches marriage and his lies are revealed. But everything he tries somehow backfires. And the wedding day comes. The events that unfolded at the wedding are of a size that neither Şimal nor Civan can think of. So much so that the lie they told is about to be exposed. Will Şimal and Civan survive the wedding without their families understanding anything? Will this word game turn into a marriage game?

Kazara Aşk (Accidental Love) Episode 3 released on July 8th. Read Also All Episode of Kazara Aşk (Accidental Love)

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