119 Bölüm Çukur (The Pit) Episode 27 Season 4: Trailer And Summary

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The new 27th episode of Çukur (The Pit) has been released! In the last episode, Yamac has learning everything. What happen in the episode on March 8th?


In the introduction, which drew attention to the words of Yamac about Çukur (The Pit), He expressed that he was disturbed by the change of the neighborhood and challenged Uncle with his speech. What will happen between Yamac and his Uncle, who says he will return to its former state, is already arousing great excitement. The question of whether Çukur (The Pit) 119th episode trailer was released began to be investigated after the 118th episode. Watch Çukur (The Pit) 119th episode trailer that airs on Show TV! 

Upon learning of the Yamac's experiences, Vartolu will move to find Kulkan. Upon learning of Vartolu's intentions, Uncle will use his own leverage to make a move that surprises everyone. The confrontation of Yamac with the Sultan, who saw what happened in the Pit with his own eyes, will be eagerly awaited. Yamac will witness the change Uncle has made at home at the end of moments of emotion. 

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Cumali, who thinks Yamac will be on Uncle's side, will move to take a big step forward with his surprise decision. Kulkan, who realizes that he is approaching his end day by day, will ask for the help of a surprise name to save his life. Unaware of everything, Efsun will make another sacrifice for his child, while the encounter of Yamac and Efsun will take the breath away.

What happen in the last episode?

While it is eagerly awaited what will happen in Yamac and Efsun encounter, the confrontation of the two will give moments of emotion. Kulkan, who survived Yamac, will play his final card against Uncle to survive. Yamac will learn both what is happening within the family and what is behind the change in the neighborhood.

Vartolu, who is afraid of losing Yamac on the one hand and believes that they know the right things on the other hand, will take a breathless action with the task given by Uncle. After the views he sees in the Pit, Yamac will go across from Uncle and choose his side. This will be the beginning of a whole new era in the Pit.

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The journalist woman who confronts Vartolu in the promotion where Hillary and Uncle challenge each other stands out. As Yamac tries to explain to Efsun what he has experienced, efsun's moments of fear are of great curiosity. 

Çukur (The Pit) Season 4 Episode 27 Summary

The unnamed battle between Yamac and Uncle will become more pronounced. This will pit Vartolu and Yamac against each other again, as they did years ago. The uncle will find Yamac and Cumali in front of him as he tries to subjugate one of Idris's old friends for the benefit of his own affairs.

As preparations begin for Vartolu's son's circumcision wedding, Yamac's action for Efsun and his daughter Masal will take their breath away.

Çukur (The Pit) is on Show TV monday night at 08 P.M. with a new episode!. Read Also All Episode of Çukur (The Pit)

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