Çukur (The Pit) Synospis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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What the synopsis of Çukur (The Pit) series? Who are in the cast? What channel will air? When the fist episode be released?

Çukur is a Turkish television series of action and drama, the first of which was broadcast on October 23, 2017 on Show Tv. One of the most ambitious productions of the new season, Çukur (The Pit) series still remains its claim. Fans of the show, which has had a very high ratings since the day it began broadcasting, are just as high. Both the subject matter and the cast attracts attention with the series crushes its opponents.

Signed by Ay Yapım, the director of the series is Sinan Öztürk. The script is written by Gokhan Horzum. all the residents of 'Çukur (The Pit)', who are preparing to print their name among the phenomenon productions of the season, came together for the new poster shoot of the series. The poster, which also features all members of the Koçovalı Family, who looked at the neighborhood from a bird's eye view from the roof before disappearing deep in the 'Pit', signals that the audience will meet with a stormy story.

The countdown continues with all its excitement to meet the residents of Çukur (The Pit), one of Istanbul's most troubled neighborhoods. A new poster was published, signed by Ay Yapım, written by Gökhan Horzum and seated by Sinan Öztürk in the director's chair. In the poster, all members of the Koçovalı Family, who are in control of Çukur, together with other residents of the neighborhood, who will guide the story, meet the audience. Even if the residents of Çukur look at the neighborhood from a bird's eye view from the roof, each of them will find themselves in the very heart of Çukur with the events they will face and their struggles.

Çukur (The Pit) turkish drama
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Synospis of Çukur (The Pit)

The series is about a neighborhood in Istanbul called Çukur. The Kocova family is in complete control of this neighborhood. The most important rule of the neighborhood is; drugs are strictly not allowed. Over time, however, a group emerges and tries to disrupt the neighborhood order. After a while, the youngest son of the family returns to the neighborhood where he escaped years ago. With his return, a new order will be created in the neighborhood. Meanwhile, he meets Sena. And he falls in love with her. They get married in no time and come to the pit together. Now a whole new life will begin in the pit.

Aras Bulut İymli, Dilan Cicek Deniz, Erkan Kolçak Köstendil, Öner Erkan, Mustafa Üstündağ, Riza Kocaoğlu, Nebil Sayın and Kublai Aka, such as the favorite players of the last period, veteran actors Ercan Kesal and Perihan Savaş brought together with 'Çukur (The Pit)', will influence the audience from the very first moment with its stunning story.

All Episode of Çukur Season 4

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Episode 31 Episode 32 Episode 33 Episode 34 Episode 35

Episode 36 Episode 37 Episode 38 Episode 39 Episode 40

Episode 41 Episode 42 Episode 43 Episode 44 Episode 45

Cast of Çukur (The Pit)

Aras Bulut İynemli as Yamaç

He was born on August 25, 1990. His birthplace is Istanbul. He was studying aircraft engineering at university. She started acting. He first did the Patos commercial. The first series experience is such a Pass Time Ki. Afterwards, the star-shining actress has been involved in many tv series, films and advertising projects.

Dilan Cicek Deniz as Sena

She was born on February 28, 1995. Her birthplace is Sivas. She started modeling while studying at university and finished second in a beauty pageant in 2014. Her first acting experience was in The Tatlı Küçük Yalancılar (Sweet Little Liars) series.

Erkan Kolçak Köstendil

He was born on January 16, 1983. His birthplace is Bursa. While studying theatre at the university, he began to play in theatre plays. In 2014, she starred in the tv series Ulan İstanbul.

Öner Erkan

He was born on January 4, 1980. His birthplace is Izmir. He started studying theatre when he was just 15 years old. She had her first acting experience at TRT by offering a children's program. He later took part in many projects.

Riza Kocaoğlu

He was born on March 19, 1978. His birthplace is Izmir. She graduated from Dokuz Eylyi University in acting. The first project he took part in was the film Bana Şans Dile, which was produced by Çağan Irmak.

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