121 Bölüm Çukur (The Pit) Episode 29 Season 4: Trailer And Summary

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The new 29th episode of Çukur (The Pit) has been released! In the last episode, Who win the battle of Yamac and Amca?. What happen in the episode on March 22nd?

When will the first scene of the episode trailer be released?  What are the trailer developments for Episode 121 of Çukur (The Pit), which is expected to air on Tuesday, March 22 next week, the series that is watched with great excitement on Monday evenings...


The new 121 episode trailer for Çukur (The Pit), which airs next week, is already eagerly awaited. It is already curious what will happen in the new episode, which locks the viewer to the screen with its action and excitement in each episode. You can follow the developments about the new episode trailer and episode summary on our site.

cukur pit episode 121 se 4
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What happen in the last episode?

Efsun's surprise move puts her in danger, which will set Yamac in motion. Vartolu's son's circumcision wedding will bring both sides together. Upon learning that the only assurance necessary for his survival has been taken away, Kulkan will once again sit at the bargaining table with Uncle. Yamac and Cumali's action-packed plan against Uncle will take their breath away.

Çukur (The Pit) Season 4 Episode 29 Trailer

Çukur (The Pit) Season 4 Episode 29 Summary

Amca, who was dealt a major blow by Yamaç's move, will move to punish everyone who helps Yamaç. This will move the stones both in the Pit and in the Kocova family. The rivalry between Uncle and Yamaç will pit Vartolu against Hillary.

Çukur (The Pit) is on Show TV monday night at 08 P.M. with a new episode!. Read Also All Episode of Çukur (The Pit)

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