127 Bölüm Çukur (The Pit) Episode 35 Season 4: Trailer And Summary

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The new 35th episode Season 4 of Çukur (The Pit) has been released! Emmi is death; He's going to move the stones in the Pit. What happen in the episode on May 3rd?

The new 127th episode trailer will quickly released on our site. The new episode of Çukur (The Pit) series, which is widely watched on SHOW TV screens, is with you as of 20.00 on Monday, May 3, 2021.

Will Çukur (The Pit), starring Aras Bulut Iynemli, Ercan Kesal and Perihan Savas, be released this week? The latest trailer for the series has been added to the page! You can find out what will happen in each episode of the highly anticipated series from this page, where we often update, and you can find the best tips on our site.

cukur season 4 episode 35
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What happen in the end episode?

With Vartolu's latest move, Yamac that lost the weapons will be on the move. The masked man who went after Emmi on Amca's orders will take their breath away. Yasmin, who was poisoned, came face to face with death; Akin will face Amca.

Yamac will teach Çukur a heavy lesson after what happened to Emmi. Amca will break all the ties between Vartolu and Yamac with his new game. While Yamac makes a mind-boggling plan to protect its loved ones, it will avenge another person. Amca is going to end up with another surprise name with his trap.

Çukur (The Pit) Season 4 Episode 35 Trailer

Çukur (The Pit) Season 4 Episode 35 Summary

Emmi's death; He's going to move the stones in the Pit. Vartolu, who thinks that Yamac has put him in danger, will once again face with him. The great tension between the two will reveal the unsolved wounds of the past.

As the Kochovans mourned Emmi; With the support of Efsun, Yamac will move to show Vartolu the true face of Amca. Amca, with his next move, he's going to start a big war in the Pit. As the action-packed moments take their breath away, Yamac's move will mark a new milestone in the Pit.

Çukur (The Pit) is on Show TV monday night at 08 P.M. with a new episode!. Read Also All Episode of Çukur (The Pit)

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