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Episode 1 Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck): Trailer And Summary

The 1st episode trailer of Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck) has been released! When the series will be released?

What the firefighters gave together ...

Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck) starts soon! With its diverse storyline and strong cast, the series has intrigued with its exciting new introduction. The action scenes are breathtaking in the promo, which draws attention to the struggles of firefighters together.The series, which focuses on the lives, loves, happiness, resentments and great bond between the firefighters, will lock viewers to the screen with its immersive storyline. Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck), which will combine dramatic storyline and action, will deeply affect the audience.

The highly anticipated first episode trailer for Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck) has been released. The plot promises to make a name for itself with its different subject matter and action-packed scenes of the series. The script of the series comes from the pen of Meriç Demiray and Ezgi Özcan.

kirmizi kamyon episode 1
Image Via @ Ay Yapim

The new series Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck) will be screened soon on Show TV. Görkem Sevindik, Ushan Cakir, Deniz Hamzaoglu, Asli Orcan, Burak Berkay Akgül are featured in the series, which will cover the balls of heroic firefighters. Osman Kaya is the director of the series produced by 10. Ev. We've got the ist episode trailer.

It will tell the joys, sadness, achievements and disappointments experienced by heroic firefighters in their lives with many different emotions... The crew of 'Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck)' began filming after long preparations. During this preparation, the cast of the series received extensive firefighting training at the Istanbul Fire Brigade Training Center. The players who completed their training received their certificates from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Fire Chief and registered their achievements.

Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck) Cast

Görkem Sevindik, Ushan Çakır, Deniz Hamzaoğlu, Aslı Orcan, Burak Berkay Akgül, Timur Ölkebaş, Gürberk Polat, Melisa Akman, Uğur Arda Başkan, Sümeyye Aydoğan, Efekan Can, Gerçek Sağlar Alnıaçık, Süreyya Kilimci, Hasibe Özgür, Onur Yar, Tuğçe Karabayır and Feriha Eyüboğlu

Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck) Plot Story

Life saving firefighters; The series, which describes its struggles, its ties to each other and their professions through firefighters with different characteristics, will make a name for itself with its dramatic structure and action-packed scenes that will give the audience intense emotions. 

Kırmızı Kamyon Episode 1 Trailer

Ugur (Görkem Sevindik), who lost his wife in a tragic fire and continues his struggle to be reunited with his daughter, is emotionally charged ...

Kırmızı Kamyon Episiode 1 Summary

Ugur, a firefighter dedicated to saving people, was unable to pull his wife out of the flames on a dark night. Ugur, who buried his wife after this event, which was the turning point of his life, also lost his only daughter Hayatm. His life is now placed with his mother's family.

Cem, who was once Ugur's best friend, is now the enemy of his friend, who they saved many lives with. He thinks Ugur caused his sister's death. He fought a legal battle with Ugur because he wanted his nephew Hayatm to grow up in a loving family environment.

Ugur and his friends, who responded to a fire, have achieved great success. Ugur, who rescued the children waiting to die inside, goes back a year to the man he met while the extinguishing efforts were still underway. Now he's got a lead on the fire that killed his wife. Ugur will take his first step down this path to the head of the arson gang. 

Ugur will fight relentlessly both to find the perpetrators of the fire in which he lost his wife and to bring him to justice, and to take his daughter Hayatm with him. Yonca, a court-appointed forensic psychologist, will be the most important person to influence the great decision when witnessing Ugur's war.

Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck) is on Show TV wednesday at 08 P.M. with its first episode! Read Also All Episode of Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck)

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