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Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck) Synopsis and Cast: Turkish Drama

What the synopsis of Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck). Who are the cast? Here is information about the plot story and the cast ...

The highly anticipated debut of Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck) has been released. . The series, which will cover the lives of heroic firefighters, features names such as Görkem Sevindik, Ushan Cakir, Deniz Hamzaoglu, Asli Orcan, Burak Berkay Akgül. Osman Kaya is the director of the series.

According to, which follows the agenda closely and includes series news and detailed information about the actors and subjects of the knees, Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck) promises to make a name for itself with its action-packed scenes. The script comes from the pen of Meric Demiray and Ezgi Ozcan.

The action-packed fire scenes, which are shot with great care, also leave the viewers breathless in the introduction, which is intrigued by the emotional story of Ugur (Görkem Sevindik), who lost his wife in a rajic fire and continues his struggle to be reunited with his daughter. Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck), which will combine dramatic storyline and action, will deeply affect the audience.

The highly anticipated introduction reveals the friendships and struggles of firefighters, while also hinting at the heroes' past wounds and fights. Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck) blends firefighters' challenging lives, dangerous adventures and interconnected bonds with drama and action. 

Synopsis of Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck)

It will tell the joys, sadness, achievements and disappointments experienced by heroic firefighters in their lives with many different emotions...

kirmizi kamyon synopsis
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Lifesaving firefighters; 'Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck)', which describes its struggles, its ties to each other and their professions through firefighters with different characteristics, will make a name for itself with its dramatic structure and action-packed scenes that will give the audience intense emotions.

The players of the 'Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck)' received extensive firefighting training at the Istanbul Fire Brigade Training Center during the difficult preparation process. The players who completed their training received their certificates from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Fire Chief and registered their achievements.


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Cast of Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck)

Together with Aslı Orcan, who stars in the new project Red Truck, the cast of the series includes successful names. Görkem Sevindik, Ushan Cakir, Deniz Hamzaoglu, Asli Orcan, Burak Berkay Akgül, Timur Ölkebas, Gürberk Polat, Melisa Akman, Ugur Arda President, Sumeye Aydogan, Efekan Can, Gerçek Sagitlimcik, Süreyya Kilimci, Hasibe Özgür, Nilay Deniz, Onur Yar, Tugçe Karabayır and Feriha Eyüboğlu also directed the series. The script for the red truck series was written by Meriç Demiray and Ezgi Özcan.

Asli Orcan  

Since the late 1990s, Orcan has been involved in many projects and has appeared in various roles. Karadayi was the name of the actor who was remembered as Serra Aşık in the series and was very popular during the performance period. In the series Medcezir, the actor, who appeared under the name Deniz Yekeli, gave life to the character of Berna in Tell Me How to Love. Finally, Aslı Orcan, who starred as Elif in the Black Writing project, had not appeared in the series for a long time.

Nilay Deniz

Nilay Deniz was born in Aydin on May 3, 1993. His full name is Asset Nilay Deniz. She is originally from Aydin. Nilay Deniz, whose father was also an actor, became an actor at the request of her mother. Actress Nilay Deniz, who previously starred in 'Aşk Yeniden (Love Again)', 'Ateşböceği (Firefly)' and 'Çatı Katı Aşk (Penthouse Love)', will play 'Yonca' in the highly anticipated 'Kırmızı Kamyon (Red Truck)'

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