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The trailer for episode 59 of Mucize Doktor (The Miracle of Doctor) has been released. What's going to happen in this week's new episode? The series is on FOX on Thursday, April 22, 2021.

A Turkish Series new week is coming to the screens in Mucize Doktor (The Miracle of Doctor), which has managed to become one of the indispensables of Thursday evenings and has led the fight against the coronavirus process. The production, which has important players in its cast and plays to the top every week with its script, will be watched with interest again. The audience has been looking forward to what's going on since last week. Has the trailer for episode 59 been released? you can also find the answer to the question.

The series which has made its mark in the ratings since its release this season and has achieved significant ratings, is appearing in its 58th episode. Taner Ölmaz, Onur Tuna, Sinem Unsal, Hazal Türesan, Özge Özder, Bihter Dinçel, Korhan Erduran and Hayal Köseoglu will both have tears and smiles in tonight's episode of the production. Fans wonders what will happen in the series, which is notable for its emotional storyline and life script. Here is 59th episode trailer and episode summary of Mucize Doktor (The Miracle of Doctor) ...

mucize doktor episode 59
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What happen in the last episode?

Ali is determined not to give in to Muhsin. But apart from Nazli and Ferman, he won't find many people to help him. Doruk, on the other hand, meets his last surviving friend from his former unit. Ferman plots his return with a daring surgery, Ali tries to defeat Muhsin with all his might, and Muhsin makes his big move as Doruk quickly retreats into the vortex of the past. In the end, everyone faces their own demons. But who's going to get what they're looking for from these confrontations?

Mucize Doktor (The Miracle of Doctor) is on FOX thursday at 08 P.M. with a new episode!. Read Also All Episode of Mucize Doktor (The Miracle of Doctor)

Mucize Doktor Episode 59 Summary

New chief Muhsin is determined to keep everyone in line. While Doruk's future in the hospital remains uncertain, Nazlı, who was rushed to the emergency room, is unhappy that she will no longer be able to work with Ali. Ali falters with his new chief of staff and Muhsin's compressions. But one consolation is that it comforts everyone a little; That's Nazlı's upcoming birthday. 

Ali will surprise himself on his birthday. Ferman, on the other hand, finds an unusual way to protect Ali from Muhsin. Will Ali, who is on the verge of great decisions in both his private and professional life, be able to handle such rapid progress?

Mucize Doktor (The Miracle of Doctor) is on FOX thursday at 08 P.M. with a new episode!. Read Also All Episode of Mucize Doktor (The Miracle of Doctor)

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