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Mucize Doktor (The Miracle of Doctor) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

What is the synopsis of Mucize Doktor (The Miracle of Doctor) who are the actors-actresses? and where is the filming location?

Mucize Doktor (The Miracle of Doctor) is one of the most notable productions in the new season with both its subject matter and its players. Who are the actors-actresses from the American medical drama television series 'Good Doctor', which was named last year's most popular series?

The synopsis and cast of Mucize Doktor (The Miracle of Doctor) are curiously researched by the audience. The series is told the story of a genius doctor with Savant syndrome. The synopsis of the series starring Taner Ölmez, and its actors are curious. Here are the details...

The story of a young man with autism and savant syndrome named Ali, who opened his eyes to life in a mountainous village, will be the subject of the series Miracle Doctor. Ali, who will have an introverted childhood as a young man, will finish first in medical school with his strong intelligence. He will then start working as an assistant at a hospital in Istanbul. Ali never told anyone about autism and savant syndrome. Ali will try to hide these diseases from his friends around him.

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Synopsis of Mucize Doktor

Mucize Doktor (The Miracle of Doctor) series will come to screens as a medical drama series with the subject to be adapted from the American series 'The Good Doctor', which aired in 2017 for 2 seasons and 36 episodes. The subject of The Miracle Doctor series will be brought to the screens with savant syndrome with autism in a mountainous and sapa village and the story of this Special Person, Ali Vefa, struggle to become a surgeon will be brought to the screens. This young surgeon has a very special disease, Savant Syndrome. Savant Syndrome is a diagnosis for people with excessive knowledge ability in one or more areas, although the overall intelligence level is average. 

This young doctor, who has a hard time communicating with the people around him, has an interesting story. Ali Vefa's character, because of his dyed as a child, his father rejects him from adoption and unfortunately exposes him to violence. Ali has an older brother who knows he's special, and his only support is his brother. He is dented under a ruined structure that his brother entered to fulfill the will of his friends in the surrounding area, who required them to be friends with Ali, and died in front of Ali's eyes. On this occasion, Ali Vefa meets Dr. Adil, who comes to the emergency response, and Adopts Adil Hodja Ali Vefa. Dr. Adil raises Ali Vefa with care and love. The pain of losing his brother decides to become a doctor with a desire to help no one, especially children, die. 

As an introverted child, Ali enters as an assistant doctor at a hospital where Adil Hodja, who will finish first in medical school with his poison-like intelligence and who supports him in this regard, is the chief physician in Istanbul. Mucize Doktor (The Miracle of Doctor) series will tell more about the adaptation of a doctor with Savant Syndrome to life, as well as the love story of Ali and other doctors around him.

All Episode of Micize Doctor

Episode 31 Episode 32 Episode 33 Episode 34 Episode 35

Episode 36 Episode 37 Episode 38 Episode 39 Episode 40

Episode 41 Episode 42 Episode 43 Episode 44 Episode 45

Episode 46 Episode 47 Episode 48 Episode 49 Episode 50

Episode 51 Episode 52 Episode 53 Episode 54 Episode 55

Episode 56 Episode 57 Episode 58 Episode 59 Episode 60

Episode 61 Episode 62 Episode 63 Episode 64 Episode 65

Mucize Doctor Filming Location

MF production and director of the series Yusuf Pirhasan for the series Mucize Doktor (The Miracle of Doctor) in search of space in search of a script, the railway station, a mountainous and green nature of the region they were looking for and ultimately decided to shoot in Bilecik. The first scenes of the series took place in the villages of Küplü, Başköy, Dereköy and Gülümbe connected to Bilecik Merkez. After that, Ali Vefa was appointed as assistant doctor and the filming will continue at the Medical Park hospital in Pendik, Istanbul. An agreement has been signed with medical park hospitals for series shooting with management.

Character Cast of Mucize Doktor 

Taner Ölmez as Ali

Mid-20s, surgical assistant, autistic savant. A genius, but hard to communicate, Ali had a rabbit in his life that he cared about as a child, and an older brother who protected him from everything. But his father disowned Ali. Ali, who was left unintended, held on to life thanks to Adil Hodja, who ed after him. He kept his promise to be a doctor to his brother thanks to Adil Hodja and finished first in medical school.

Ali will discover friendship, brotherhood and love in the hospital where he now enters as an assistant. It will bring goodness to everything it touches, every life it comes into contact with; Not just healing, but people who will give hope. Ali, the one with autism, will find himself a family again, and that whole hospital will be a family around Ali.

Onur Tuna as Ferman

In his 30s, he's the hospital's star surgeon. He was raised by Adil Hodja. He seems cocky and distant, but he actually has a secret. No one can see how soft your heart is because of this secret. The edict suppresses your feelings. Because he knows there's no room for sentimentality in surgery; His tough attitude is actually for the good of his assistants. Everyone respects him, and he's a little shy about it. She has a successful career and a beautiful lover, Beliz; Whatever he's already dreaming about, he's got almost all of it. For now, he's against Ali being taken to the hospital. But you never know what's going to happen in the future.

Sinem Unsal as Nazlı

In her 20s, surgical assistant, Ali's first and greatest love. He's got a lot of empathy, so he can get too attached. Nazli is one of the hospital's most promising surgical assistants. Addiction is his most sensitive point. He can't stand it. And because of the trauma he suffered in his family, he always had a hard time trusting men. Although she was a beautiful and intelligent girl, she didn't have much of an affair, she was afraid to be disappointed, she always protected herself. The Edict was the first to overcome his armor. He first admired the handsome, successful surgeon with the coy, then fell in love with him. She couldn't help herself, he didn't even know what happened to him, what happened to him. But since he knows about edict's relationship with Beliz, he's platonic.

Reha Ozcan as Adil Hodja

In his 50s, chief physician, Ali's mentor and spiritual father. He's a well-intentioned, fatherly man, but he can be too protective. A doctor who has been good to countless patients in his career as a doctor for more than 30 years; a neurosurgeon who contributed to the literature and his articles were published in foreign journals. Like edict, a teacher who has trained many surgical geniuses like Tanju. As if that wasn't enough, he's a beautiful man who always looks out for his patients, everyone around him, who pays for some of his patients out of his own pocket, and some who, like Ali, take him under his wing. An idealistic chief physician who believes there's only one law in medicine and he's sick.

Özge Özder as Kivilcim

Onur Tuna as Doctor Ferman 

Sinem Ünsal as Doctor Nazlı

Hazal Türesan as Beliz

Murat Aygen as Doctor Tanju

Bihter Dinçel as Matron Cypress

Fırat Altunoak as Doctor Demir

Hayal Köseoğlu as Nurse Açelya

Korhan Herduran as Nurse Gunes

Merve Bulut as Hospital secretary

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