When Will Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck) Episode 2 Be Aired?

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Why isn't Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck) here tonight, when's the new 2nd episode? Here is description from Show TV. 

Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck) viewers are eagerly awaiting the new episode. The series, which began airing last week, premiered on wednesday night. The players of the series, which includes Görkem Sevindik, Nilay Deniz and Ushan Cakir, stepped up their research after the show was not included in the Show TV broadcast. So, when the new episode coming out?

Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck) viewers are showing great interest in the April 7 Show TV broadcast. The fact that the series, which premiered on Wednesday night with its first episode, did not air tonight raised questions. Show TV has been contacted for comment. Here are the details of the description and the streaming

Kırmızı Kamyon Episode 2
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When Will Episode 2 Be Aired? 

The new episode of Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck), which began airing last week with its first episode, is not on the Show TV broadcast tonight. Show TV announced that new episodes of the series will air from the first week of June. Read Also All Episode of Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck)

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