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Episode 5 Mahkum (The Prisoner): Trailer And Summary

In the end episode; Ferda, a mystery woman from Savaş's past, completely transforms Bariş's life. The new 5th episode of Mahkum (The Prisoner) has been released! Watch the alternative 5th episode trailer of Mahkum here....

Mahkum (The Prisoner), broadcast on Fox TV, continues to meet with the audience. "Mahkum", which came to the screen as an adaptation of the "Innocent Defendant" series, also managed to lock the audience on the screen with the third episode released this week. Watch the prisoner episode trailer without interruption. Watch the prisoner new episode trailer, watch the prisoner 5th episode trailer..

Prisoner continues to appear on the screens with new episodes. So what happened in the end episode? Prisoner is one of the series that entered the new season in the most flashy way. The theme of the series, which is about a crime story, is justice and freedom. The series starring Onur Tuna and İsmail Hacıosmanoğlu is doing well in the ratings. So, is the Prisoner 5th episode trailer released? What happened in the end episode of the prisoner?

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What happen in the end episode?

Firat investigates every area for Haci, following the clues he dug into the cell wall. Haci, who isn't easily persuaded, is on the lookout for requests that would jeopardize Firat. While Firat searches for clues, Cemre takes a decision that will alter the path of the investigation. It put a lot of pressure on the prosecutor's office to recreate the crime scene.

Ferda, a mystery woman from Savaş's past, completely transforms Bariş's life. While trying to figure out who sent the envelopes, Bariş is forced into a corner by the sight of this woman. Is it possible that the envelopes were despatched by Ferda? Bariş goes on a fight to solve this equation with many unknowns with the help of Sasha...

Mahkum (The Prisoner) Episode 5 Trailer 

Mahkum (The Prisoner) Episode 5 Summary

The struggle of Fırat, who returns from the brink of death after hearing from Ali, begins again. What this mysterious boy has to say will illuminate all the dark secrets. But Ali is about to be evacuated. It falls to Cemre to look for him outside.

After solving the signature issue in forensic medicine, Barış continues to play the role of Savaş in Ferda's life. On the other hand, he learns that Ali has been evacuated and takes action. They must reach Ali to resolve their relationship with the prosecutor. Cemre on one side and Sasha on the other start looking for Ali, who will unlock the lock...

The serie released on January 12th. Read Also Why Mahkum (The Prisoners) series Episode 5 was postponed? Thank you for your revisit .... The new 5th episode of Fox TV's new series, Mahkum (The Prisoner), was broadcast on Thursday, January 12, 2022. Read Also All Episode of Mahkum (The Prisoner)

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