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Episode 1 Yalnız Kurt (The Lonely Wolf): Trailer And Summary

The first episode trailer of Yalnız Kurt (The Lonely Wolf) has been released! What happen in the episode on January 28th?

The new TV series, Yalnız Kurt, signed by Osman Sinav, whose promotions have been published for a long time, started broadcasting with its first episode on Friday, January 28th. Yalnız Kurt plot story and the players, which are eagerly awaited by the series viewers, made a strong impression. The first episode of series is on the agenda of television viewers. What happened in the first episode of Yalnız Kurt?

The new series, Yalnız Kurt, which started to be screened on ATV screens last night, is on the agenda of social media. The first episode of Yalnız Kurt series, whose script was written by Murat Koca and Ali Alper Erze, is being investigated. The first trailer of Yalnız Kurt series, which features talented names such as Cihan Ünal, Hasan Denizyaran, Damla Colbay, Murat Han and Polat Bilgin, has also been released. Here are the curiosities about Yalnız Kurt 1st episode trailer and the first episode summary

yalniz kurt episode 1
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Yalnız Kurt Production

In the cast of Yalnız Kurt series, the new series of ATV signed by Osman Sinav, there are successful names such as Cihan Unal, Hasan Denizyaran, Damla Colbay, Murat Han and Polat Bilgin. The director's chair is Çağatay Tosun, the production of the series is Sinegraf, the production supervisor is Yusuf Ömer Yavaş, the screenplay is written by Murat Koca and Ali Alper Erze, and the producer of the series is Osman Sinav.

Yalnız Kurt Episode 1 Trailer

Yalnız Kurt Episode 1 Summary

Altay earns his living by fighting cages under the name "Kurdoğlu". Esra asks Altay for help to escape and reunite with her little girl one night when the guns explode in the place!, Hearing that the child's life is in danger, Altay accepts without hesitation.

Doğan, the owner of the illegal fight club and Esra's lover, comes after them. As soon as Altay takes a step to help Esra, he embarks on a new journey that extends to his own past. The "old man", Davut Bahadır, who lives alone in a hut in the forest, will guide Altay on his journey from the legends to the Turkey of the 1950s and from there to the present day.

The new 1st episode of Yalnız Kurt (The Lonely Wolf) is on ATV on Friday January 28th at 8 P.M!. Read Also All Episode of Yalnız Kurt (The Lonely Wolf)

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