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Yalnız Kurt (The Lonely Wolf) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

What is the synopsis of Yalnız Kurt (The Lonely Wolf) series, Who are the actors actresses? What is their character? When and what channel the series will air?

ATV's new series Yalnız Kurt (The Lonely Wolf) is on the agenda of the TV series fans. The cast and synopsis of the series, which will start broadcasting with the first episode that has been screened last night, became a matter of curiosity. Yalnız Kurt series, in which Çağatay Tosun sits in the director's chair, meets the audience with the signature of Osman Sinav. What is the story of Yalnız Kurt series, who are the actors? Here are the detail ....

Yalnız Kurt (The Lonely Wolf) series, which has been followed with interest since its first description was published with its rich cast and interesting subject, starts on ATV screens this evening. The scenario of the series, which will be screened with the signature of Osman Exam, belongs to Murat Koca and Ali Alper Erze.

Synopsis of Yalnız Kurt (The Lonely Wolf)

Altay earns his living by fighting cages under the name "Kurdoğlu". Esra asks Altay for help to escape and reunite with her little girl one night when the guns explode in the place! Hearing that the child's life is in danger, Altay accepts without hesitation. Doğan, the owner of the illegal fight club and Esra's lover, comes after them. 

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As soon as Altay takes a step to help Esra, he embarks on a new journey that extends to his own past. The "old man", Davut Bahadır, who lives alone in a hut in the forest, will guide Altay on his journey from the legends to the Turkey of the 1950s and from there to the present day.

All Episode of Yalnız Kurt (The Lonely Wolf)

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Episode 6   Episode 7   Episode 8   Episode 9   Episode 10

Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13 Episode 14 Episode 15

Episode 16 Episode 17 Episode 18 Episode 19 Episode 20

Cast of Yalnız Kurt (The Lonely Wolf)

Hilmi Ozcelik as Ahmet

My father was a police officer like me… My grandfather was also… I followed their footsteps. My God bestowed it, my elders deemed it worthy, I was promoted to the Police Department. "The state used to say that the raven is the carcass" my grandfather; We cannot rebel against the state. It is not to eat a bite that you do not deserve, to sit in a position that I do not deserve. If the state has given a task, it is not to betray it.

Göktan Oktay Göztepe as Akif

My father was beating; I ran away from home. They found it a few times and took it home, and I ran away again. I was avoiding my father's beating; I was beaten on the street too, I couldn't escape. I have a young brother; My brother Altay... Maybe I wouldn't have survived without him... If he said die, I would die.

Damla Colbay as Esra

My name is Esra Türkmen… My father was a man involved in dark affairs; caused the death of both himself and my mother. I was only twelve years old. Viking took my hand… He protected, taught, taught, raised me as an Orphan Wolf to serve this country. He said that there is no place for love in the life of Orphan Wolves. But I did not listen; I fell in love.

Almina Günaydın as Ela

My mother loved my father very much… But my father could not love us; My mother left us both when she was pregnant with me… My mother Esra is the best mother in the world. There is nothing he can't do for me. I'm terrified that something will happen to him. He always falls in love with the wrong people.

Kürşat Alnıaccik as Viking

My real name is Tekin Giritli… I am an Orphan Wolf, who was raised as an intelligence officer... My teachers, my teachers, my friends I grew up with, the Orphan Wolves of my household, all left one by one. Some were destroyed by dirty plots, some were rotten in prison. Dozens of my patriotic friends, whose names were mentioned in the cosmic room, were shot in the middle of the street. No one should expect me to pity my enemy; I am a falcon who wants to claw his flesh; my pity…

Murat Han as Dogan

I am Doğan Sakınmaz... I came from the streets and sat at the head of the mafia. It was not given to me; I took it. But it's not enough. I'm still number seven; There are still people above me. It won't be enough without getting to the top, without a number one. Whatever I have to sacrifice on this path, I will give. Except for my Esra…

Yaprak Medina as Mira

My full name is Semiramis Myers Hanzade… My father is American… I got the surname Hanzade from my mother; My mother is of royal lineage. His grandfather was one of the grooms of the palace; He was accused of treason to the Sultan and exiled. Part of me is American, part of me is Turkish, but my soul is haymatlos; I have no ties to any country or anyone. My loyalty is only to Goliath...

Polat Bilgin as Nizam

My name is Nizamettin Köz. I am the child of a poor family. My father placed me in a congregation residence so that I could study. I was fed, I was loved, I was appreciated. I was theirs now. They said "you will read", I read it. "You're going to be an intelligence officer," they said; became. They said "Shoot", "I hit", they said "stop", I stopped. Eventually I became the organization's number six in charge of military operations.

Cihan Unal as Kumandan

I am Davut Bahadır… Also known as the Commander… I am a former soldier and intelligence officer. I am exactly eighty-one years old. I've dedicated my life to fighting a monster, I haven't been able to defeat it. I didn't give up, I don't have it! All I want from God is to see the beast called Goliath, his bloody organizations and dirty hands ripped out of this ancient land before I die.

Hasan Denizyaran as Altay

My name is Altay Kurtoğlu… I was eight years old when they killed my parents in front of my eyes. They wanted to kill me too, they failed; I survived. For twenty years I sought death on the streets, in illegal fights; It was not death that confronted me, but my past. Now I know who the murderers of my parents are. Now I know who orphaned the beautiful children of my country. I'm burning with the fire of revenge.

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