Episode 4 Yalnız Kurt (The Lonely Wolf): Trailer And Summary

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The new 4th episode trailer of Yalnız Kurt (The Lonely Wolf) has been released! In the end episode; Altay successfully carries out a very important operation in order for Davut to reach the information he has been after for years. What happen in the episode on February 18th?

Coşkun is trying to set up a barrier in front of us to cut off our running water! Although the first episode was published, the director of Yalnız Kurt series, which was the first to be watched by signing a first, made a statement that would interest the audience closely. In the production of Yalnız Kurt, which achieved a good rating even with its replay, closed doors are opened wide. While the issues waiting to be clarified were discussed one by one, the message given by Osman Sinav to the audience made a big impact. So, has Yalnız Kurt 4th episode trailer been released?

ATV's newest series, Yalnız Kurt, took the first place in the ratings, although its only episode has been broadcast so far. Yalnız Kurt, which came into the focus of a wide audience due to its reminiscence of the Valley of the Wolves, was showered with praise on social media.

Locking the audience to the screen with its details that keep the sense of curiosity and excitement high, Yalnız Kurt project also allows them to travel to the recent past. While positive feedback was provided by the audience, a bombshell statement came from the director of Yalnız Kurt, who completed the rating war at the top in the first week.

yalniz kurt episode 4
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Osman Sinav, who undertook the director of Yalnız Kurt series, which managed to meet the expectations of the strict followers of the Valley of the Wolves, said, "The script team that I am currently working with has been working for 2.5 years. We have meetings once or twice a week. They always tried it. We know everything, reformat everything. There is a serious scenario work” used expressions.

The director of Yalnız Kurt series, which presents important images about how the FETO terrorist organization is structured and has won repercussions in all categories, gave the good news. Exam, "We will continue to see how they reflect on our social life. It will be very surprising in the upcoming episodes" He excited the audience once again.

What happen in the end episode?

Altay's life has changed when he discovered the truth about his father, Yavuz Yildirim, and the Yildirim Project. Altay, who had been living without aspirations and forgetting his history, now has a purpose and a goal. Recognizing and eliminating the enemy who murdered his parents and plagued this country! He will reach the top villain and sever all seven heads of a seven-headed dragon, such as Salur Kazan. Altay finds the power he seeks in his own past as he returns to his boyhood. He begins to make plans. Dogan, Nizam, and Altay play mind tricks in order to apprehend Murted, the man of Fettah Dahhak.

Altay, a meticulous planner, handles his affairs alone, as befits a Yalnız Kurt. Altay, who has acquired Doan's trust with the proper actions, takes crucial steps to infiltrate. Altay, who operates without making anyone feel anything in order to obtain the knowledge he seeks, achieves his goal by deflecting suspicions. Altay successfully completes a critical operation that allows Davut to obtain the knowledge he has been seeking for years.

Yalnız Kurt Episode 4 Trailer

Yalnız Kurt Episode 4 Summary

The arrow came out of the bow. Altay goes to his target like an arrow from his bow. Burning to avenge her sister's death, Sare sees that Altay will also follow Doğan. First feelings sprout between the two. Is a love born? Everyone is after Hilmi Kopanlı, looking for him. Kopanli Hilmi is in Davut's woodshed. David interrogates the man. New facts about the Lightning Project emerge. Between Mira, Nizam and Doğan, the threads are getting tighter and new agreements are being discussed unless Hilmi Kopanlı is found. 

Thanks to his foresight, Altay gains Doğan's trust even more with his plans and takes steps within the organization. Sare and Altay are now at the center of everything. Altay and Davut make a plan to seize the Yıldırım Project based on the information they received from Hilmi Kopanlı. They also learn from Hilmi Kopanlı that there is a new parallel structure. 

On the night of July 15, the balances changed. Will Davut deliver the traitor Hilmi Kopanlı to the justice of the state or does he have another plan? How will Altay's secret operation alone turn out? Will Sare and Altay fight back to back on the same road? Or will they be rivals on opposite sides? What's the surprise about Project Lightning in the episode finale?

The new 4th episode of Yalnız Kurt (The Lonely Wolf) is on ATV on Friday February 18th at 8 P.M!. Read Also All Episode of Yalnız Kurt (The Lonely Wolf)

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