Episode 5 Yalnız Kurt (The Lonely Wolf): Trailer And Summary

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The new 5th episode trailer of Yalnız Kurt (The Lonely Wolf) has been released! In the end episode; Will Davut deliver the traitor Hilmi Kopanlı to the justice of the state or does he have another plan? What happen in the episode on February 25th?

In the cast of Yalnız Kurt (The Lonely Wolf) series, the new series of ATV signed by Osman Sinav, there are successful names such as Cihan Unal, Hasan Denizyaran, Damla Colbay, Murat Han and Polat Bilgin. The director's chair is Çağatay Tosun, the production of the series is Sinegraf, the production supervisor is Yusuf Ömer Yavaş, the screenplay is written by Murat Koca and Ali Alper Erze, and the producer of the series is Osman Sinav.

What will happen in Yalnız Kurt Episode 5? The end 4th episode trailer part 2 with interesting details has been published. The new episode of the series, which was watched with great admiration on ATV screens, will be with you on Friday, February 25, at 8 P.M. Here are 5th episode trailer and episode summary of Yalnız Kurt (The Lonely Wolf) ....

yalniz kurt episode 5
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What happen in the end episode?

Altay moves like an arrow from his bow to his target. Sare, who is determined to avenge her sister's death, notices that Altay would also follow Doan. The two develop their first feelings for each other. Is a new love born? Everyone is on the hunt for Hilmi Kopanl. Davut's woodshed is where Kopanli Hilmi is. David questions the man. New information concerning the Lightning Project has emerged. Unless Hilmi Kopanl is located, the threads between Mira, Nizam, and Doan are becoming increasingly frayed, and new accords are being explored.

Altay obtains Doan's trust with his intentions and takes steps within the organization as a result of his foresight. Sare and Altay have risen to the top of the food chain. Based on the information they got from Hilmi Kopanl, Altay and Davut devise a strategy to take the Yildirim Project. Hilmi Kopanl also informs them about the existence of a new parallel organization.

Will Davut hand over the traitor Hilmi Kopanl to the state's justice, or does he have another plan? What will the outcome of Altay's secret operation be? Will Sare and Altay go head-to-head on the same road? Or will they be adversaries on opposing sides? What is the episode finale's surprise about Project Lightning?

Yalnız Kurt Episode 5 Trailer

Yalnız Kurt Episode 5 Summary

The Yıldırım Project continues at full speed at the Selçuklu Factory as a state secret. When Altay realizes how important the Yıldırım Project, developed by his father, is for the state, he becomes even more aware of protecting the trust. Acting with the leaked information of the Lightning Project, Mira and Nizam make attempts for treacherous attack plans. Mira and Nizam are aware that they are patriots who are working hard on this path. After Hilmi Kopanlı's body is found, the balances change everywhere, new plans and negotiations begin. Tension rises to the highest level again, everyone is suspicious of each other. 

Who will survive in this difficult environment? In this balanced environment, Altay increases his confidence in Doğan and thinks of new ways with Sare. Their goal is to reveal the number 5. The plan works. With Sare's support, Doğan convinces Mira. A special fight night will be held in the hangar for number 5. A special night without Nizam, without an audience, only Mira and number 5. Everyone is eagerly awaiting "Number 5", the guest of the important night where Doğan will appear as a rival to Altay. 

Will he come to the 5 hangars whose faces no one sees? What's the big surprise at the end of the night? Did Altay and Sare fall into a trap while they were making plans? Will Altay become the hunted while it is a hunter?

The new 5th episode of Yalnız Kurt (The Lonely Wolf) is on ATV on Friday February 25th at 8 P.M!. Read Also All Episode of Yalnız Kurt (The Lonely Wolf)

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