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Ah Nerede (Oh Where Is It) Release Date Has Been Announced!

When does Ah Nerede (Oh Where Is It)  series start? What is the subject of the Ah Where series, who are the actors actresses?

One of Yeşilçam's unforgettable films, Ah Nerede is the series being produced. The audience, who welcomed this news with joy, started to research on the internet about the cast and the subject of the series Ah Nerede. The young actress who will portray the character of Gülşen Bubikoğlu became the subject of discussion. So, when does Ah Nerede series start? What is the subject of Ah Nerede series, who are the actors? Here are the curious details about the series.

When Does Ah Nerede Series Start?

It was learned that the series of the movie Ah Nerede was made in 1975. While it was predicted that the series "Ah Nerede" would have a similar subject, it was wondered when the series would start and started to be researched frequently.  Ah Nerede series will air on Star TV screens on July 1, 2022. Read Also All Episode of Ah Nerede (Oh Where Is It).

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What The Plot Story of Ah Nerede?

In the TV series Ah Nerede, which was broadcast in 1975, the funny and amorous conflict of two young lovers with each other was the subject. Here is the plot of the 1975 movie Oh Where:

The three sons of a landlord from Bursa, who study in Istanbul, lead a life contrary to what their families know. While the eldest son Ferit (Tarık Akan), who is studying at the Faculty of Medicine, is engaged to a girl from his countryman, with the advantage of his handsomeness, he is chasing a womanizer, while the middle son Murat (Halit Akçatepe), who is studying at the Faculty of Pharmacy, is a complete gambler. 

The youngest son in the family, Ömer (Cengiz Nezir), who continues to study engineering, is in the middle of the political events of the period. The children in the family who are "dizzy from being in the classroom" know that their families will graduate soon. Events develop after their families learn the real situation of their children.

Who Are The Actors Actresses?

It has been learned that there will be surprise names in the cast of the series Ah Nerede, which will be produced by the 10th House. Mert Carim, Samet Kaan Kuyucu, Korhan Herduran, Melis Özçimen, Asena Keskinci, Derya Alabora, Bala Atabek, Batuhan Sert, Alper Utku Ateş, Mustafa Bademoğlu, Ahsen, including Nil Keser, Tarık Papuççuoğlu, Ayşe Kökçü and Oktay Çubukçu in the cast of the series. Türkyılmaz, Berfe Sancak and Orhan Eşkin will take place.

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