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Ah Nerede (Oh Where Is It) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

What is the synopsis of Ah Nerede (Oh Where Is It) series? Who will be the actors actresses of the series? Is it be adapted from Yeşilçam movie?

One of the unforgettable films of Yeşilçam, starring Tarık Akan and Gülşen Bubikoğlu, Ah Nerede is the movie. The actors who will take part in the popular production and the subject of the series were curious after the news. So what is the synopsis of the series Ah Nerede? Who will be the players of the series? Here are the curious ones...

Ah Nerede movie is becoming a series! The series, which is planned to meet with the audience in the summer, will be adapted from the movie "Ah Nerede (Oh Where Is It)", the legend of Yeşilçam. The Movie made in 1975, starring Gülşen Bubikoğlu and Tarık Akan, with the screenplay written by Sadık Şendil and directed by Orhan Aksoy. The subject of the movie, which was presented to the audience in 1975, is as follows:

The manufacturer father, played by Hulusi Kentmen, sent his sons to study in Istanbul. The father encounters things that he never expected during his raids. He catches one of his sons who dropped out of school for licentiousness, one for gambling in a cafe, and one for protests in the streets.

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His eldest son, Ferit, is quite flirtatious and Ferit, who meets with many girls at the same time, falls in love with his last lover Zehra, but when Zehra learns about Ferit's other loves, he leaves her and tries to take revenge on Ferit and begins to make a plan. Ferit, who is cornered, tries to commit suicide to get Zehra to forgive him. So, will Zehra forgive Ferit?

Synopsis of Ah Nerede (Oh Where Is It)

Yeşilçam movie, which first met with the cinema audience in 1975, becomes a TV series Ah Nerede (Oh Where Is It). The movie, written by Sadık Şendil, directed by Orhan Aksoy and produced by Ertem Eğilmez, is one of the unforgettable films in Turkish cinema.

In the film, the three sons of a landlord from Bursa, who are studying in Istanbul, lead a life contrary to what their families know. While the eldest son Ferit (Tarık Akan), who is studying at the Faculty of Medicine, is engaged to a girl from his countryman, with the advantage of his handsomeness, he is chasing a womanizer, while the middle son Murat (Halit Akçatepe), who is studying at the Faculty of Pharmacy, is a complete gambler. 

The youngest son in the family, Ömer (Cengiz Nezir), who continues to study engineering, is in the middle of the political events of the period. The children in the family who are "dizzy from being in the classroom" know that their families will graduate soon. Events develop after their families learn the real situation of their children.

Cast of Ah Nerede (Oh Where Is It)

It has been learned that Suavi Doğan and Kerem Çatay have started working on the script for the TV series Ah Nerede (Oh Where Is It) is the Tenth House, of which they are the founders. After the developments, the actors who will take part in the series are curious. Work continues on the actors who will play the character of Ferit, played by Tarık Akan, and Zehra, played by Gülşen Bubikoğlu.


While the production team continues to work on the cast, there has been a new development for the character of Zehra. It was learned that an offer was made to Demet Özdemir for the character of Zehra played by Gülşen Bubikoğlu in the film. According to this, it was learned that the actress, who received praise from Filiz Akın for her acting in the movie "Love Tactics", evaluated the offer.

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