Episode 7 Ah Nerede (Oh Where Is It): Trailer And Summary

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The new 7th episode trailer has been released, In the end episode; While Ferit pursues the vague information he received from Zehra, Zehra and the girls engage in various games so that Ferit does not learn anything. What happen in the episode on August 19th?

The 6th episode trailer of STAR TV's popular series Ah Nerede has been released. In the new episode trailer published; Ferit and Zehra begin to get closer to each other. The couple, who started to do something together at home, compares themselves to couples on the way to marriage. Arguing with his father, Ferit confronts his brothers. What happened between Cenker and Zehra gets on Ferit's nerves. Here's the trailer for the 6th episode of Ah Nerede...

One of the new season series of Star TV, Ah Nerede is meeting with the audience every Friday evening. The romantic comedy series, starring Oktay Çubuk and Nil Keser, draws attention with its successful story adapted from the 1975 film Oh Nerede. Kübra Sülün and Meryem Demirli wrote the script for the series, which was signed by 10. Ev Yapım, while Bülent İşbilen sits in the director's chair. So what will happen in the new episode of Ah Nerede? Here are the detail ...

episode 7 ah nerede
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In the end episode; Zehra, who kisses Ferit in order to convince Cenker, does not know how to look at Ferit's face because of the shame of what he did later. Ferit, who realized the situation while Zehra was escaping from Ferit, from her shame; He wants to put the situation in the eyes of Cenker.

As Zehra runs away from Ferit, it seems unlikely. For the duo, who look at each other from different angles, life will now take on a different perspective. Şerbetlioğlu brothers continue their work in the company during this process. Here are 7th episode trailer and episode summary of Ah Nerede ....

What happen in the end episode?

Zehra's delirium during her sleep causes trouble for Zehra and the girls. Ferit now has doubts about Zehra's past. While Ferit pursues the vague information he received from Zehra, Zehra and the girls engage in various games so that Ferit does not learn anything.

While all this is going on, a very important guest from his past awaits Ferit. This person will upset the balance in Zehra and Ferit's games. However, Zehra has a more important problem than this; It is only a matter of time before Cenker learns the biggest secret.

Ah Nerede Episode 7 Trailer

Ah Nerede Episode 7 Summary

Seeing Ferda and Ferit together, Zehra enters into a big confrontation. What is she feels when she sees them in love? Ferit has to risk changing for Zehra. Will Ferit be able to destroy himself and be reborn for Zehra? While Zehra and Ferit fight within themselves, there are traps woven for them outside. Zehra and Ferit's secrets are about to come to light at any moment. This secret will either unite them or break them completely.

Ah Nerede (Oh Where Is It) 7th episode released on Star Tv on Friday, August 19th at 08 P.M. Read Also All Episode of Ah Nerede (Oh Where Is It)

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