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Episode 2 İyilik (The Goodness): Trailer And Summary

The new 2nd episode of İyilik (The Goodness) has been released. What happen in the episode new 2nd episode on friday May 6th? One evening, Neslihan sees Murat sneaking into Damla's house.

Fox Tv's new series, İyilik (The Goodness), came to the screen with its first episode. In the first part of the series; Murat, who is happily married, enters into a forbidden relationship with Damla. Damla knows and accepts that Murat is married. He then follows Neslihan and poisons her. She pretends to save him by taking him to the hospital. Damla learns that Neslihan's sister had an affair with a married man and died by suicide and commits suicide. Neslihan saves her and sees her brother in her and helps Damla and puts her in the outbuilding. Goodness 2nd episode 1 trailer has been released. Will Neslihan see Damla and Murat together?

Will Neslihan See Damla and Murat together?

In the 1st trailer of the 2nd episode of İyilik (The Goodness); Damla manages to settle in Murat's house and be close to him. Murat goes to Damla to ask him for an account. Damla seduces her. Şahika learns something about Damla and informs her daughter. Neslihan goes to Damla's place and knocks on her door. Murat realizes that his wife is at the door and does not know what to do.

What happen in the first episode?

Murat is happily married to a very wealthy woman, Neslihan, and has two children. But he enters into a forbidden relationship with Damla. Murat, together with Şahika, organizes a fashion show to collect shoes and promote them after a long time. Neslihan tells Murat that she cannot attend the fashion show because her son is sick. Murat also says that he will invite Damla to the fashion show and bring him the shoe, which is her idea, after the presentation. Damla eagerly awaits the promotion of her own design shoes. Neslihan decides to come to the fashion show. When Murat sees Neslihan coming, he addresses the shoes and puts them on his feet.

iyilik episode 2
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Damla goes home crying. Murat goes after him and argues with him. He tells Damla that he now wants to end their relationship. The next day, Damla follows Neslihan and goes to the beauty parlor she goes to. She puts drugs in his drink and knocks him out. He then pretends to save her and takes her to the hospital. Damla leaves the hospital when she learns that Murat has arrived. Damla, who learns where Neslihan jogs, runs into him. Neslihan takes him out to a thank you dinner. When Murat hears that his wife is having dinner with a woman named Damla, he goes to them. When he sees Damla there, he treats her harshly.

Damla learns that Neslihan's sister had an affair with a married man and died by suicide. Immediately, he writes a message to Neslihan as if she is going to commit suicide. He is taking the drugs near his arrival. Neslihan informs the ambulance and goes to her house. He takes Damla to the hospital. Neslihan sees her dead brother in her. He goes to his mother and says that he can't help his sister and that he will help that girl and places Damla in the outbuilding. Damla achieves her goal of being close to Murat.

İyilik Episode 2 Trailer

İyilik Episode 2 Summary: Neslihan sees Murat sneaking into Damla's house.

Neslihan, who wants to help Damla after her suicide, helps Damla start seeing a psychiatrist right away. When the psychiatrist says it would be better not to leave Damla alone for a while after the session, Neslihan persuades Damla to stay in the guesthouse in their garden until she recovers. Neslihan and Damla became neighbors. Damla slowly infiltrates the Neslihans' house and enters their lives. By hiding that woman is herself, she tries to break the gap between the two of them, opening Neslihan's eyes to the fact that there may be another woman in Murat's life. Neslihan begins to suspect that there may be another woman in Murat's life, but she is not aware that that woman is Damla.

The new 2nd episode of the Goodness series was broadcast on FOX TV on Friday, May 6, 2022. Read Also All Episode of İyilik (The Goodness)

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