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İyilik (Goodness) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

What the synopsis of Turkish Drama İyilik (Goodness)? Who are in the casts? What about their character? When will the series be released? Where is filming location?

Fox TV is preparing to enter the market with a brand new series. The new series, which featured names such as Hatice Şandil and Perihan Savaş, attracted a lot of attention with its cast. İyilik series actors actresses were also very curious.

The highly anticipated poster of the TV series "İyilik (Goodness)" starring such successful names as Hatice Şendil, İsmail Demirci, Sera Kutlubey and Perihan Savaş has been released. The poster featuring Hatice Şendil, İsmail Demirci and Sera Kutlubey was widely shared on social media.

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İyilik turns out that Neslihan's life, which she thought was very happy, was actually an illusion. Neslihan is actually cheating on her husband. Damla, the second woman in the series, remains on the other side of reality. The series tells the struggle of Neslihan for herself and her family.

Synopsis of İyilik (Goodness) 

In the series "İyilik (Goodness)"; Neslihan (Hatice Şendil) has a magnificent and enviable life from the outside. While Neslihan believes in this illusion and thinks she is living a perfect life, she learns that the person she trusts most in life, her husband (Ismail Demirci), has been cheating on her for a long time. Moreover, with Damla (Sera Kutlubey), whom she replaces her sister with. All the stones he steps on are displaced and Neslihan has to question and re-interpret right and wrong, good and bad, so that she can stand up again and fight for herself, for her family, for her children...

All Episode of İyilik (Goodness)

İyilik (Goodness) Release Date

İyilik, which will meet the audience on the Fox TV screen, attracted a lot of attention with its cast. The synopsis of İyilik series and the actors of the series were also very curious. Here are all the curiosities about the new series İyilik. Prepared to meet the FOX audience with its first episode on Friday, April 29 at 8 P.M, İyilik series is produced by MEDYAPIM and directed by Murat Öztürk. 

İyilik (Goodness) Adapted Series

The broadcast date of the first episode of the TV series "İyilik", adapted from the South Korean TV series "The Queen's House", produced by MEDYAPIM and directed by Murat Öztürk, has been announced. 

Cast of İyilik (Goodness) 

Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar as Neslihan

Successful beautiful actress Hatice Şendil was born on January 2, 1983 in Istanbul. His mother is of Albanian origin and is from Istanbul, and his father is from Thessaloniki and is from Antalya. The beautiful actress, who has taken part in many successful works before, gave life to the character of Elif Doğan in the TV series "Kaderimin Yazıldığı Gün", which was screened on Star TV. In addition, Dila Hanım took part in tracks such as Karadağlar, Yaban Gülü, Kurtlar and Vadisi Pusu. Lastly, we watched the beautiful actress in the TV series Uyanış Büyük Selçuk.

İsmail Demirci as Rafet

İsmail Demirci born on November 13, 1984 in Ankara, the actor studied computer programming and graduated as a computer programmer. He completed Anadolu University State Conservatory Theater Department. He played the character of Erkan in the series Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu. She has appeared in productions such as Anneler ile Kızları, Fabrika Kızı, Serçe Sarayı, Babaların Babası, Muhteşem Yüzyıl and Posta Kutusu. After giving life to the character of Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi Şehzade Orhan, which was broadcast on Kanal D screens, he appeared in front of the camera with Kuzey Karkateri in the Kuzey Yıldızı İlk Aşk series broadcast on Show TV.

Sera Kutlubey as Damla

Sera Kutlubey was born on April 19, 1994 in Istanbul. She completed her higher education at Haliç University Theater Department and graduated successfully. After deciding to continue her education, Sera Kutlubey took acting and diction lessons at the Başkent Communication Sciences Academy. The beautiful actress, who appeared in front of the cameras for the first time in 2016 with the television series "Kehribah", has also managed to attract attention with her performance here.

The successful actress, who also took part in productions such as My Father and His Family and Untitled, gave life to the character of Cemre in the TV series "Zalim Istanbul", which was recently broadcast on Kanal D screens. She gives life to the character of Azra in the TV series 'Hercai', which is currently being broadcast on ATV screens. Sera Kutlubey, who has the characteristics of Aries, is 1.67 tall and weighs 52 kilograms.

Perihan Savaş as Şahika Yücesoy 

Perihan Savaş was born on 14 June 1957 in the Fatih district of Istanbul. Her real name is Şerife Perihan Şaş. She finished her education in secondary school. She took the stage for the first time in the children's section of the Istanbul City Theater when he was only 5 years old and continued her work in this field until 1970. Savaş, who took the stage in many theater plays such as The Little Princess, Romeo and Juliet, and Kindness Fool, took on the role of a white screen actor in 1971. The adventure of cinema, which started with the films called "Korkusuz Beşler (The Fearless Five)" in Şehzade Simbad's Mount Kaf, continued with 120 films.

The beautiful actress, who is also in many TV series and programs, fell ill with dysentery in the filming of the movie "Su (The Water)" in 1986. In the interviews he gave about his life on the set, he stated that he calmed himself in the films he starred in with Kadir İnanır and that he also had a fear of Erol Taş. When Perihan Savaş was 13 years old, she got engaged to a 22-year-old young man who was studying at a military school, and later made her marriage official. But her marriage lasted for 6-7 months and then she decided to leave.

Özgür Çevik as Koray 

Mina Akdin 

Umut Kaplıca 

Sefa Tantoğlu 

Pelinsu Karayel 

Elif Gizem Aykut 

İlayda Aydın

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