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Episode 4 İyilik (The Goodness): Trailer And Summary

The new 4th episode of İyilik (The Goodness) has been released. What happen in the episode new 4th episode on friday May 20th? 

FOX TV's new series "İyilik" quickly became one of the remarkable productions. The expected new episode trailer of the series has been released. In the published trailer; Damla manages to confuse Neslihan with what she said, making her suspicious of Murat. On the other hand, Şahika, who is after Murat, warns her about Damla. Neslihan wants to go to Damla's house and face the truth. Here are İyilik 4th episode trailer and episode summary...

FOX TV, which returned with bomb-like productions after its ending series, appeared in front of the audience with its new series İyilik in the past weeks. What will happen in the new episode of the series, which features successful actors such as Hatice Şendil, İsmail Demirci and Sera Kutlubey, is eagerly awaited. Here is the new episode trailer of İyilik and what happened in the end episode...

iyilik episode 4
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What happen in the end episode?

Damla's suicide game has been successful and Neslihan regrets it and asks her to stay in the guesthouse next to them. While Damla and Neslihan are neighbors, it works for Damla, while Murat is quite uncomfortable with this situation. With each passing day, Damla confuses Neslihan and makes her suspicious of Murat. Neslihan now suspects Murat, but she never thinks that the woman she cheated on could be Damla.

Neslihan leaning on Damla's door saying "where is my husband" is the highest point of her suspicions. Although Damla and Murat get out of this situation, Neslihan's suspicions do not settle. Damla takes advantage of this situation and tries to convince Neslihan that Murat is cheating on her. Neslihan, who cannot fully trust anyone, including Şahika, finds the last resort in consulting Koray. The facts that everyone is after come together at the anniversary celebration of the holding. Pandora's box is about to open...

İyilik Episode 4 Trailer

İyilik Episode 4 Summary

Seeing Murat and Damla kissing on the night of the launch, it is no longer possible for Neslihan to deny the betrayal she has experienced...

How will he face this situation? Will she forgive this betrayal for the sake of her family, like her mother Şahika, or will he act without thinking about anyone but herself, as Koray advises? Even though Pandora's box has been opened, there is one last "good news" that is about to come out...

The new 4th episode of İyilik (The Goodness) series was broadcast on FOX TV on Friday, May 20, 2022. Read Also All Episode of İyilik (The Goodness)

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