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Episode 26 İyilik (The Goodness): Trailer And Summary

The new 26th episode of İyilik (The Goodness) has been released. In the end episode; Handan blames Neslihan after her son's death. Watch the new 26th episode of İyilik,  What happen in the episode new episode on friday, January 13th? 

The long-running series of FOX TV screens, İyilik, manages to lock the audience on the screens every Friday. The highly anticipated new episode trailer of the series, starring Hatice Şendil, Sera Kutlubey and İsmail Demirci, has been released. Here is İyilik 26th episode trailer and last episode summary...

Will Neslihan Accept Atilla's Marriage Proposal? In the end episode of İyilik; Realizing that Poyraz blamed the murder on Atilla, Murat corners Poyraz. Murat, who threatens to tell Poyraz to the police, wants the company's shares back. On the other hand, Murat, who wants to win Neslihan back, does everything he can and makes some confessions.

iyilik episode 26
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Murat offers Neslihan to leave everything behind and start a new life with the children. Gülseren, Koray's mother, whose grave is on the other side, transfers all of her son's property to Neslihan. In the new episode trailer; While Poyraz's death causes confusion, Neslihan's marriage proposal shocks everyone. Here are 26th episode trailer and episode summary of İyilik .....

What happen in the end episode?

With the sudden death of Poyraz, Damla enters a new dilemma. She decides to turn things in her favor. He unquestionably ensures that Poyraz is held responsible for Koray's death. Poyraz's mother comes from Handan. Damla pulls him to his side and provokes him against Neslihan. Handan blames Neslihan after her son's death. While Neslihan is dealing with a new crisis, Atilla proposes. While all this is going on, Neslihan is unaware that she will be tested with one of her children. What will be Neslihan's decision despite Şahika's strong opposition?

İyilik Episode 26 Trailer 

İyilik Episode 26 Summary

Poyraz's mother kidnapped Batu to take revenge on Neslihan, whom she blamed for her son's death. Batu's life is in danger. Neslihan and Murat look for Batu everywhere with the support of Atilla. Will they be able to find Batu? Damla loses her only joy of living, her baby. He goes to the terrace of the hospital where he is staying. He doesn't want to live anymore.

Gülseren still suspects that the real murderer of her murdered son Koray is Damla. She asks her nephew for help to figure out who the real killer is. Will it finally be understood that Damla is the murderer? Murat tries to get his gun in an argument with Atilla. Neslihan is also there. The bullet that comes out of the gun during the fight comes to one of the three.

The new 26th episode of İyilik (The Goodness) series was broadcast on FOX TV on Friday, January 13th, 2022. Read Also All Episode of İyilik (The Goodness)

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