Final 27th Episode of İyilik (The Goodness): Turkish Drama

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The final 27th episode of İyilik (The Goodness) has been released. In the final episode;  Finding a way out in every situation, will Murat be able to get out of the difficult situation he has fallen into this time? Watch the new 27th episode of İyilik.

İyilik, the popular series of FOX TV screens, which appeared before the audience with its first episode on April 29, 2022, is preparing to say goodbye to the screens with its 27th episode. The final episode trailer of the series, starring successful names such as Hatice Şendil, İsmail Demirci and Sera Kutlubey, was also released. Here is İyilik 27th episode trailer and last episode summary...

In the last episode of İyilik; To take revenge on Poyraz's mother Neslihan, she kidnaps Batu and leaves him in the forest. Murat and Neslihan are looking for Batu with the help of Atilla. Damla, who lost her baby, goes to the terrace of the hospital after her only joy of life is gone and wants to commit suicide.

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Gülseren, on the other hand, thinks that Koray's murderer is Damla and asks her niece for support to find the real killer. In the melee that Murat and Atilla entered, a bullet hits one of Neslihan, Murat and Atilla.

İyilik Episode 27 Trailer [Final]

İyilik is in the final episode trailer; While Neslihan is organizing a surprise event for the 25th anniversary of the company, this event will be the end of Murat.

İyilik Episode 27 Summary [Final]

Neslihan is determined to get back their lost family wealth and reputation. Finally, he manages to corner Murat. Finding a way out in every situation, will Murat be able to get out of the difficult situation he has fallen into this time? 

While going hunting, Koray's cousin Sarp realizes that he is hunting. Damla learned that she tried to get close not because she liked him, but because she suspected that he was the murderer. Although Damla thinks that Sarp has spoiled her game, she will realize that she cannot easily cover up the fact that she is a murderer. At the end of the 27-part adventure, each part more exciting than the other, will Neslihan find happiness and win "goodness"?

The last 27th episode of İyilik (The Goodness) series will broadcast on FOX TV on Friday, January 20th, 2022. Read Also All Episode of İyilik (The Goodness)

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