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Gül Masalı (The Tale of Rose) Release Date Has been Announced

What is the theme of the Gül Masalı (The Tale of Rose) series? Who are the casts? Where is the series filmed? When will the series be released?

Gül Masalı is one of the new series of ATV. Channels are preparing to enter the new season with a new series. The first promo of the TV series Gül Masalı has been released. After the trailer of the new series Gül Masalı, the audience began to research the subject and the cast. ATV's new production managed to attract the attention of the audience with its striking presentation. 

Gül Masalı series will be on the screen in the new season. The cast of the new series includes familiar faces. The leading roles in the series are Gülper Özdemir, whom we know from the TV series Sen Anlat Kara Deniz, and Erdem Kaynarca, whom we watched in the TV series Yasak Elma. The harmony of the duo and the subject of the series are explored by the audience. You can learn about the details about Gül Masalı series from our news...

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Gül Masalı Plot Story

Gül Masalı series, written by Aybars Bora and Dilek Aydoğdu, and directed by Sadullah Şentürk, will be a drama. The series will focus on the story of Gonce and Toprak. Gül Masalı tells the story of Gonca, who encounters the mysterious secrets of the past thanks to the inheritance left to her after her mother's death, and Toprak, the son of Atabey family, one of the leading families of Isparta. Read Also All Episode of Gül Masalı (The Tale of Rose)

Gül Masalı Casts

Successful veteran names such as Gülper Özdemir, Erdem Kaynarca, Sarp Can Köroğlu, Bülent Düzgünoğlu, Gülçin Hatıhan, Arif Pişkin, Ayşenil Şamlıoğlu, Suat Sungur and Sait Genay take part in the series.

Gül Masalı Release Date

ATV is preparing to broadcast a new production in the new season. Gül Masalı series is counting the days to appear before the audience. The shooting of the new series Gül Masalı is done in Isparta. The first episode of the series "Gül Masalı" is on ATV on Sunday at 08 P.M!

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