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Güzel Günler (Beautiful Days) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

What is the synopsis of Güzel Günler (Beautiful Days) series? Who are the actors actresses? What are their character? When and on which channel will it start? The answers to all these questions are currently being asked. Here is the latest information about the new series.

Güzel Günler series, which will start shooting the next day and the male lead actor is not yet known; It tells the story of the immortal love whispered in Selma and Mihran's ear on the day they were born, the secrets behind this love, and a warm, fun and cheerful family that embraces them.

Produced by TMC Film, Osman Taşçı will sit in the director's chair, and in the cast of the series written by Selin Tunç; Binnur Kaya, Zeynep Çamcı, Olgun Toker, Ecem Erkek, Mert Denizmen, Leyla Tanlar, Seray Gözler, Orkuncan İzan, Yıldıray Şahinler, Duygu Köse and Seray Gözler.

Güzel Günler is starting soon on TRT 1! Selin Tunç will write the script of the series, produced by TMC. The names in the cast of the series, its subject and when it will be published were wondered. We also searched for the curious viewers and we will share with you the cast, the subject of the series Güzel Günler, which will appear on TRT 1 screens, and when it will start.

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The synopsis of the series Güzel Günler, whose script was written by Selin Tunç, was also wondered. In the series of Güzel Günler, which includes very successful names, a young girl from Van and the events of the cradle notch will be told.

Synopsis of Güzel Günler

Selma (Leyla Tanlar) comes to Istanbul from Van in order to receive her inheritance when she thinks that all ways have been exhausted. Beneath is his father's scrap car, with his well-to-do brother Leylim. The only condition for getting the inheritance is to find the other partner of the inheritance, his old love Mihran (Burak Dakak). Mihran migrates to Istanbul after the fire, which was born on the same day as him, was prophesied to love each other with great love on the day they were born, and Selma was declared the scapegoat.

Selma finds Mihran in Istanbul. Thus, not only Selma and Mihran, but Mihran's barista cousin Atakan (Olgun Toker), Atakan's platonic love boxer Altan (Zeynep Çamcı), Mihran's big and cheerful family; The lives of her aunt, the menemeci Kıymet (Binnur Kaya), her cousin Füsun (Ecem Erkek), her mother Saliha (Seray Gözler), Kıymet's arm and hand, Feyyaz (Orkuncan İzan) and her arch-rival Hakim (Yıldıray Şahinler), also change.

All Episode of Güzel Günler 

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Güzel Günler (Beautiful Days) Release Date

It has also been one of the curious subjects when Güzel Günler series will start. We researched it for our curious audience. Güzel Günler series, which is expected to attract great attention, will appear in front of the audience on TRT 1 screens in the new season.

Cast of Güzel Günler (Beautiful Days)

Binnur Kaya as Kismet

Binnur Kaya, the leading actress of the TV series Güze Dünya (Good World), was born on April 19, 1972 in Ankara. Binnur Kaya, who graduated from Bilkent University Faculty of Music and Performing Arts Theater Department, made her debut in her career with the character of Şahika she played in the European Side TV series, and previously, Baba Evi, Kavak Yelleri, Aramızda Kalsın, Muhteşem, Yabacı Damat, Yüzyıl, Masumlar Apartmanı, and Kırmızı Oda

Zeynep Camci as Altan

Zeynep Camcı was born on December 11, 1986 in Bodrum. Zeynep Çamcı, who graduated from the Department of Radio, Television and Cinema of the Faculty of Communication of Istanbul University, stepped into acting with the character of Aslı in the series Night and Day, where she appeared as a guest, and has previously worked in successful projects such as Kara Yazı, Deliha, Seviyor Sevmiyor, Beni Böyle Sev, Meryem, and Adım Başı Kafe

Olgun Toker as Atakan

Olgun Toker was born on March 12, 1986 in Mersin. He graduated from Müjdat Gezen Art Center Conservatory Theater Department. Our actress, who stepped into the sector in 2010 with the series Yaprak Dökümü, previously Karadayı, Benim Adım Gültepe, Şeref Meselesi, Annenin Sırrıdır Çocuk , Çember, Hayat Sırları, Dip, Bir Aile Hikayesi, Fatma, Arıza, Hükümet Kadın, Düğün Dernek, Küçük Esnaf, Benim Babam Bir Melek, and Mezarlık

Ecem Erkek as Füsun

Born on June 24, 1989 in Ankara, Ecem Erkek studied theater at the Mamak Municipality Conservatory and took diction lessons at Hacettepe University Turkish Ensemble. Graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Department of Theater Department, the actress, who was previously in the TV series Hayat Sarkisi, has also participated in successful projects such as Güldür Güldür Show, Hakan Muhafiz, Aşk Kumardır.

Mert Denizmen as Feyyaz

Born on June 2, 1986 in Istanbul, Mert Denizmen graduated from Haliç University, Department of Acting. Mert Denizmen, who appeared before the camera for the first time in 2017 with the TV series Koca Koca Yalanlar, Bizim İçin Şampiyon, Sesinde Aşk Var, Cinayet Süsü, Hababam Sınıfı Yaz Oyunları, Dünya Hali, He took part in projects such as Cep Herkülü: Naim Süleymanoğlu and was the last to appear in front of the camera with the TV series Tövbeler Olsun. 

Leyla Tanlar

Leyla Tanlar was born on December 13, 1997 in Istanbul. Leyla Tanlar, who continues her education in the Department of Media and Visual Arts at Koç University, studied acting at the Academy 35 Buçuk. Leyla Tanlar, who first appeared in front of the camera with Paramparça series in 2014 and received the Most Promising Actor Award despite being her first series, last appeared in front of the audience in 2022 with Kaçak (Fugitive) series.

Seray Seray Gözler

Born on August 28, 1961 in Adana, Seray Gözler graduated from the Theater Department of Mimar Sinan University. Seray Gözler, who stepped into television acting with the Çalıkuşu series in 1986, has become known for her roles in "Şule" in Super Baba, "Hayriye" in Yabanci Damat, and "Sevim Abla" in Zoraki Koca, and most recently in 2021 with the TV series Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir.

Orkucan Izan

Orkucan Izan, who graduated from Bilkent University MSSF Theater Department, also studied acting at Ankara Müjdat Gezen Art Center. Originally from Ankara, our young actor Orkucan Izan works for Rs Communication Management Company and stepped on the stage in 2010 with the play Fehim Paşa Kolay. Our actress, who is ready to appear with the beautiful Nar series, is still actively taking the stage.

Yildiray Sahinler

Yıldıray Şahinler was born in 1968 in Istanbul. She is one of the founders of Istanbul City Theaters and Istanbul Public Theaters. He starred in the TV series Ulan İstanbul, Kayıp, Hayat Yolunda, İçerde, Ufak Tefek Cinayetler, 7. Koğuştaki Mucize, Ferhat ile Şirin, and Kuruluş Osman.

Duygu Kose

Duygu Köse joined the cast of the series Beautiful Days. The shooting of the series Güzel Günler has begun. In addition to the best actors in the cast of the series, Duygu Köse is now included.

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