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Episode 2 Güzel Günler (Beautiful Day): Trailer And Summary

The new 2nd episode trailer of Güzel Günler (Beautiful Day) has been released! In the end episode; Meanwhile, Saliha, Kıymet, Füsun are completing the final preparations for Mihran's engagement with great excitement. What happen in the episode on November 13rd?

The new series Güzel Günler, produced by TMC and produced by Erol Avcı, begins its journey on the screen with the 2nd episode to be broadcast on SHOW TV on Sunday, November 13 at 08 P.M. The series which is the signature of the writer and producer of the series that have left their mark on television history, such as "Canım Ailem" and "Aramızda Kalsın", will attract viewers of all ages with its rich cast that brings together master actors and young stars.

Güzel Günler, which will bring to the screen the story of the immortal love whispered in the ears of Selma and Mihran on the day they were born, the secrets behind this love and a warm, fun and cheerful family that embraces them, features masters and young names together. Bringing together Binnur Kaya, Ecem Erkek, Leyla Tanlar, Zeynep Çamcı, Olgun Toker, Burak Dakak, Oya İloğulları, Orkuncan İzan, Duygu Köse and Yıldıray Şahinler and Seray Gözler, 'Good Days' will be the new favorite of the audience.

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What happen in the end episode?

Selma comes to Istanbul from Van to get the inheritance left to her at a time when all means are exhausted. The only condition to get the inheritance is to find his ex-fiancee Mihran. However, Selma and Mihran were separated after a great fire, which Selma was blamed for, and all the bridges between them were thrown.

In pursuit of her childhood crush, Selma reaches Mihran's cousins ​​Atakan and Altan in Istanbul. Meanwhile, Mihran's mother Saliha, her aunt Kıymet, her aunt's daughter Füsun are completing the final preparations for Mihran's engagement with great excitement. When it is learned that Selma has arrived, all hell breaks loose. Engagement night is waiting for events that will upset, surprise and make everyone laugh.

Güzel Günler Episode 2 Trailer

Güzel Günler Episode 2 Summary

Selma's appearance at Mihran's engagement shocks the family. Mihran decides to sell Selma and the mansion they inherited. Meanwhile, Füsun, who finds Selma's necklace in her aunt's bag, resorts to unimaginable methods while trying to reveal Saliha's secret. On the one hand, Kıymet runs into all the problems of his family, on the other hand, he has to deal with the 'Öz Menemenci Hakim' who confronts him. Selma and Mihran go to Büyükada to sell the mansion, a big surprise awaits them on their return.

Güzel Günler Episode 2 will be on Show TV on November 13th. Read Also All Episode of Güzel Günler (Beautiful Day)

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