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Talat Bulut Short Biography And Profile: Turkish Actor

Talat Bulut told about the character of his series Tuzak (The Trap)! Who is Demir Gümüşay character in the series Tuzak? What is the story of Tuzak series? Who are in the cast? Here are the detail ....

Culture and Art Production was undertaken by ACUNMEDYA and Fabrika Yapım, with Aytaç Çiçek sitting in the director's chair, and the script is; Written by Eylem Canpolat, Ayşenur Şık and Ali Yörükoğlu, the successful actress Talat Bulut, broadcast on TV8 on Wednesdays, talked about the series and its character.

"Tuzak is a project that I love very much. It's like a project where firsts come together. It is the first interior production of ACUNMEDYA, so we work meticulously to make it a good job for them, for myself and for the team. The character I play is Demir Gümüşay, someone who thinks he will never grow old. He is a character who preserves his structure and existence and creates a way of life for his children by thinking that they are values. It is a pleasure to play someone with such depth as an actor".

"Iron Silver Moon" brought to life by Talat Bulut; is the head of his family. He is a tough and cold father and business person. He likes money, success and outdoing others. Thinking that he is capable of everything, he does not hesitate to bully people with the power he has. He is also cruel to his children and sees them acting with their feelings as a sign of weakness. He has a greedy, ruthless, controlling nature. The trap is on TV8 every Wednesday. Read Also All Episode of Tuzak (The Trap)

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TV8, which aims to make a big attack on the series this season, made a strong debut with Tuzak. However, it should not be forgotten that the ratings of the series were below expectations as of the first episode. While the partnership of Akın Akınözü and Bensu Soral in Tuzak series was appreciated, the performance of the master play Talat Bulut in the first episode also pleased the fans. The actor presents his character in a way that sets an example for young people.

Talking about the fact that tuzak series is a special and favorite project for him, Talat Bulut played a role in Mahkum series last season, after the long adventure in Yasak Elma series. The actor, who made a strong start to the new season with Tuzak, plays a businessman named Demir Gümüşay.

Demir, who is the head of the Gümüşay family and is a business person, is actually a tough and cold father to his children. Someone who likes to beat others, loves money and success. Fans, who think that Talat Bulut plays the character of Demir Gümüşay, who thinks he is omnipotent and does not hesitate to bully people with his power, comment that he is "the man of the full role".

Demir Gümüşay, who is also cruel to his children and sees their acting with their emotions as a sign of weakness, also has a greedy, cruel and controlling nature. Both the social media reflection and the rating results of the Trap series, which is broadcast on Wednesday evenings, are eagerly awaited.

Talat Bulut Biography

Born in Kars on March 23, 1956, Talat Bulut works as a theater, cinema, TV series actor and voice actor. Talat Bulut, who left his education at the Department of Electronics Engineering at Hacettepe University in the second grade, started his artistic career in 1975 by performing in the play Dimitrov at the Ankara Art Theater.

The actor, who worked for AST for a long time, stepped in front of the camera with the encouragement of Türkan Şoray and entered the cinema with the movie "Hazal". He took a break from his activities during a period when the productivity of Turkish cinema decreased. Bulut, who prefers to act in quality movies; He still does voice-over work as well as acting in movies and TV series. The movie that made it meet with a wide audience was “Manisa Tarzani”. He played Halit Argun, the leading character in the TV series "Forbidden Apple", which started broadcasting on FOX in 2018. In 2020, he died from the series due to the scenario.

Talat Bulut play in the series and movie

2002 Mahkum 

2018 Yasak Elma

2016 Göç Zamanı

2014 Mucize

2009 Kasaba

2007 Mutluluk 

2007 Annem

2005 Saklambaç

2003 Aşk Olsun

2000 Melekler Evi 

2000 Abuzer Kadayıf

2000 Köçek 

1996 Cemile 

1995 Cemile ve Umudun Masalı

1994 Manisa Tarzanı

1988 Herşeye Rağmen

1987 Kurtar Beni 

1986 Prenses 

1986 Son Urfalı

1986 Su 

1986 Yapayalnız

1986 Yunus Emre

1985 Kurbağalar 

1985 Kuyucaklı Yusuf

1984 Fidan

1984 Karanfilli Naciye

1984 Firar

1983 Derman

1982 Göl 

1982 Çayda Çıra 

1982 Yaşamak Seninle Güzel

1981 Yılanı Öldürseler

1980 Beni Böyle Sev

1979 Hazal

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