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Esaret (Captivity) 8th Episode released on Wednesday, November 30. Watch Esaret 8th episode trailer and here is the summary on November 30. "Hira Found the Lost Father! Balances are Changing!"

What will happen in the 8th episode of Esaret? The slavery series continues with its new episodes. What awaits us in the 8th episode of Esaret? What happened in the final episode of Esaret, what will happen in the new 8th episode of Esaret? Here is what will happen on Wednesday, November 30th in Esaret series.

The series of Esaret continues to be broadcast on Kanal 7 screens with its exciting episodes. Even though Orhun's harsh attitude towards Hira increases day by day, Hira discovered a big secret in the mansion. This is the appearance of Sir Orhun's missing father. The return of the missing father will shake all the balances in the mansion. Things will not go well, especially for Afife, the lady's lord of the mansion! So what awaits us in the next episode?

episode 8 esaret
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The lost father is back! 

Despite all Orhun's torments, Hira continues to be a kind-hearted woman who always corrects the wrongs she sees. The only person who can fix this interesting situation in the mansion is Hira. Both her courage and her kind heart can never stand to be silent. As a matter of fact, she was stunned when she saw her father in front of Orhun. Orhun will investigate the cause of this event. We may encounter a great family trauma here. 

In fact, those who follow the Karamel Production series have seen this situation a lot. For example, the loss of Yaman's father in the series Emanet caused him to become such a tough person. Again, we see this situation in the series of slavery. Orhun's past and trauma with his father is the biggest factor that turned him into such a tough person. Of course, the father's arrival will be a big blow to Afife's role in the mansion. Afife will not be able to move as easily as before!

A chance for Hira! 

The biggest winner of this situation will be Hira. The only person who can put an end to all the evil that the missing father Hira has been through. Hira's innocence and a great chance for the truth to come out. Hira will be well rewarded for her kindness. For Orhun, this will be quite confusing. Here, although Hira incurs the wrath of Orhun, she will take on the role that will heal her over time.

Esaret (Captivity) Episode 8 Trailer 

A new daily series is coming from kanal 7! Esaret comes to the screen with its 8th episode on November 30. Read Also All Episode of Esaret (Captivity)

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